We love our wood fire here and during the cooler months of the year it seems to smoulder 'round the clock... There's nothing quite as comforting as the warmth that fire and hot coals creates....

We have A LOT of timber on our farm but seen as though a trip over to the river to visit my Dad had been planned we decided to make it a family outing and filled up a truck full of wood to share. We spent the afternoon in good company splitting our mega load and topped it all of with a delicious BBQ dinner...

We were all as surprised as each other when this little critter was found inside a hollow log after splitting it....
bat 2
My girls thought it was fantastic and watched the little bat dart up and down its split log for a good hour before we decided to finally let it go back into to wild...
bat 3
Are you a wood cutter??? What kinds of critters (if any) have you found living inside your timber??


  1. Great photos that bat would have got a shock when he saw you and your family! Collecting wood can be a great family adventure, there is just something about it isn't there? x

  2. I love the fire too......I like the little lizards you find in the logs....not the spiders though.....

  3. What a lucky little bat!

    My Dad used to get a permit so he gather firewood each winter. As a teenager, I would go along with him and as he chainsawed larger trunks into smaller pieces, I would lift them into the trailer. We would pack a thermos and morning tea and have a wonderful morning together.

    I will never forget the day we arrived home and Dad started to split the wood. He drew my attention to a log he had just split. It was one I had lifted into the trailer, because I joked about the hollow in the middle and said how 'logs with built in handles' were so much easier to lift. In the hollow, curled up nice and tight, was a rather large black snake. After that, I gave logs with built in handles a wide berth ;)

  4. Years ago we use to burn wood and coal. The most that we ever found in the wood was bugs! There are wood roaches too that live under the bark and I found some in our wood box and that was the end of storing firewood in the house. From then on the wood was stacked outside and brought in as we needed it. We had a huge stack of cut wood stored on the back of our property line and one morning I looked out and saw what looked like 2 long pieces of corn shuck blowing back and forth, discovered later on it was wood snakes, yellowish in color and evidently doing some sort of mating ritual, YUCK! It made me so scared to mow close to that row of cut wood, always afraid a snake would pop out at me. That fall we found the snake skins they shed and boy were they long. I do not like snakes! nor do I care for bugs, at least not in my house.
    Susanne :)


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