Wednesday, July 11, 2012


It's that time of year again - the wattle is out and its little balls of golden goodnes are being enjoyed by even the littlest members of my family this year.....
Old jars are being transformed into vases and adorning every room in the house which is bringing with it a hint that before too long Winter will be on its way out...

So today with a chill in the air and mud on our boots we cherished our morning Winter outing... There was fruit ready for picking, weeds that needed pulling, leaves to be raked, garden beds to be prep-ed and wood to be chopped....
What are you doing in the fresh Winter's air today???


  1. Pretty wattle Jodie and a lovely handbag! Today the kids & I are running smoko and lunches out to Terry and his helpers who are crutching. We are also cleaning up our asparagus and enjoy the damp soil after lovely rain. Enjoy the rest of the holidays at your place x

  2. We in the states have been enduring an ungodly hot summer of temps above 100 degrees and what is now turning out to be a drought. To keep our tomato plants alive we must haul water. I am thankful the garden is very small this year because my husband is ill. He always planted a huge garden in the past 42 years. Your flowers are such a pretty shade of a cheerful yellow.
    Susanne :)

  3. That might explain why I've been sneezing so much lately! Today was gorgeous, spent it out in the garden weeding, pruning an generally just tidying up

  4. Love the sunny yellow touches adorning your home.

  5. Wattle is winter in my books, I love it.


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