Wednesday, August 22, 2012

on the road again.....

Wow - were has the past 3 weeks gone???
The days seem to be ticking away at a rocketing pace lately which is bringing the arrival of Bub #3 closer and closer. So while my newest baby continues to grow I've been lucky enough to savour the opportunity for a couple of trips away... 
bub 1
A few weeks back 3 gorgeous local 'rural' ladies and myself set off on a road-trip to the Federal Conference for ICPA....
It was AMAZING!!!! We were spoilt rotten by the Hay Branch who hosted the conference and I came home refreshed and invigorated - proud to be a mother of Isolated Children and excited about the motions people put forward.
bub 2
Then last week saw us pack up the car and head off to the Louth Races...
louth 1
The weather was gorgeous and even though my girls weren't up for having their photo taken by me, they smiled their little hearts out when we were all interviewed and photographed for a very special magazine (details about that another day... *^_^*)
louth 2
In between these trips we packed the swags and hit the road for a 3 day camping trip - bound for Tibooburra. The Peak Hill Station clearing sale was our destination and we're so glad that we went... Many bargains were found (and purchased) but my best score of the whole day was a huge old meat safe - photos will be coming soon, promise...
This weekend we are hitting the road again - this time on a secret mission to pick up a special present, an animal of the hay eating kind, for my Miss Connie's 6th birthday which is in a weeks time.... Wow - can my little girl really be turning 6???
Here's hoping you're enjoying some time outdoors at the moment while the weather is gorgeous - Connie has just informed me that it's only 9 days till Spring, her favourite time of the year, and you know why??? Because her 3 little daffodils are ready to flower and we get to put our tomatoes in the gardenbeds we've been preping for the last couple of weeks....

{{{{Big Hugs}}}}


  1. Oh what a lovely update Jodie! It looks like you have some very exciting things happening at your place. I look forward to hearing more about magazine appearances, the meat safe and Connie's new friend :) I agree with her tomato excitement too!

    Some of my family were at the Peak Hill clearing sale...not sure if they got lovely bargains like you did though! Your baby bump looks beautiful too x

  2. Dear Jodi, pregnancy becomes you, you are simply glowing. looking forward to future posts where you share all the good things you mentioned. Yes, time flies, and our new grandson will soon be 6 months old. What a joy he is. I say babies are the closest we get to real angels here on earth.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  3. Jodie you are looking gorgeous as ever, not long to go now! Are you getting a pony?

  4. Slow down woman!!! Maybe dropping by with something yummy will get you to put your feet up and have time for a chat! Kx.

  5. Jodie,

    Bessie here (formally from Accidentally Outback). Am only just getting a chance to catch up on reading blogs lately and was excited to see what you're up to. Congratulations on the new baby bump!
    My other half's family was at Peak Hill too! Did you see two crazy (yet adorable) little boys running around, probably getting in trouble constantly?
    Your girls are looking gorgeous too!
    Take care,


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