Saturday, August 25, 2012

Spring In Mind...

Crochet has been my choice of craft these past couple of weeks and with the weather starting to warm in the preparation for Spring I'm finding myself leaning towards thinner yarns...

This hat was originally started with the visions of my daughter Connie in mind... Half way though I realised that it was way too big but continued on regardless and now have a new Spring hat for ME!!!  
hat 1  
The pattern was a freebie from here and the yarn I used was Malabrigo Organic Cotton - such a dream!!! The flower on the side I found on Pinterest for free here...

I've also started on a scarf for my Millie girl in some gorgeous Malabrigo Arroyo - this pattern is a freebie found here...
Have you been working on anything this week with Spring in mind???


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  2. The organic cotton yarn looks beautiful and I love your hat Jodie. I have been crocheting with bamboo feels so soft and light. Just lovely!

  3. Such a cute hat! and it does look becoming on you. Love the pattern and the pretty flower embellishment. Now, get busy and make one for your daughter, lol, I'm sure she is waiting patiently.
    Susanne :) that color too.

  4. Nice crochet! I have fall in Mind now ;-) Greetings from Europe...

  5. All such pretty designs.
    Love the scarf colour.


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