Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Wild Flowers

I love this time of year as it spells the start of the 'wild flower' season here at our farm. Just before Spring and well and truly before things start to heat up the sweet scent of flowers lingers in the breeze and the sound of bee's a buzzin' can be heard all around....
wild flowers
So yesterday afternoon when our noses led us to this hidden bush of 'pee the bed' daisy's we couldn't help but take just a few - even if the old wives tale states that if we do we'll 'pee the bed'... *^_^*
Their scent is heavenly and when I woke this morning it was the first thing I could smell wafting though my home....

 Do you like fresh picked flowers fragrancing your home???

What's your favourite???

Are you a sucker for their fragrance or their beauty???


  1. I think roses are beautiful but I am always disappointed if they have no scent. Luckily the ones in my garden smell heavenly and I am eagerly waiting the first flush after winter!

  2. Love flowers, all varieties. They may not all be edible, but they do feed the soul. They always look so nice on the table in a pretty container even if it is just an old canning jar.
    Susanne :)

  3. Daphne, bouvardia and gardenia so so looking forward to Spring

  4. They look lovely in that pitcher! I have four tulips on our dining table at the moment. They are my favourite flower, though hydrangeas, lavender and roses come close behind. :)

  5. I grew up in south Australia,just near the new border and I can still remember the fields of yellow everlasting Daisies,we used to go pick masses of them each year. Beautiful. Your picture took me straight back there! Thank you!:)

  6. What a beautiful bunch of flowers you were able to find. I do love having flowers in the house, just last week I bought some for my oldest daughter's birthday party and they are still looking pretty on the table:)


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