Monday, August 27, 2012

that day is TODAY....

The birthday celebrations came a week early here at 'Darling Downs' for our biggest girl of 6 - Connie, with the arrival of 3 miniature ponies late yesterday afternoon!!!
reins 1
The excitement was bursting from each and every seam as my little girls savoured the joy of riding their very own ponies for the very first time....
reins 2
I couldn't help but radiate from the side line as I watched my girls engulf themselves in the wonder of their new horses.....
reins 3
I have a really good feeling about this new adventure we're starting on as a family of the 'horse-y' kind - I'm not sure why, but deep down in that place that always seems to be right, something keeps telling me that 'this is good, really good'!!!!!
It has been a good 6 years since Brad (DH) and I have had a horse but we always knew that one day they would enter our lives again, especially once we started a family - I guess that day is today...


  1. Little girls always benefit from equine friends. I was bitten by the horse bug very early in life and still have a horse after all these years. They are good for the soul.


  2. Beautiful Jodie...enjoy your horse adventures x

  3. This is a good way to teach the girls responsibility while they can still enjoy and have fun too. They look so happy, it is written all over their faces, especially your little Connie. Females seem to just have that nurturing ability and caring for something is in the blood. Thanks for sharing.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  4. Lucky girls.
    Hours of fun ahead.

  5. They all look very cute and comfortable with each other!!

  6. They are gorgeous Jodie...all of them! You have done it now, no looking back :-) I just inherited a little mini girl too, aren't they the cutest little things!

  7. PS Happy Birthday to Connie, a little bit early :-)


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