Tuesday, July 23, 2013

My Waste...

A couple of weeks back we took a gamble here on the farm, as you do, and decided to plant a crop 4 weeks later than we normally would...
Well, this week our wheat is up, out of the ground, and making great progress thanks to the gorgeous weather we've been having... We're not expecting to harvest this planting, just hoping to graze some stock on it in a couple of months before sending them to marked...  
farm 2 
And with all of this gorgeous weather I've been enjoying many extended hours out in the garden; pruning, mulching, transplanting, and just generally freshening up..... I'm loving that the apron I was gifted by a gorgeous friend for my b'day last year is worn everyday!!! Deep front pockets make it simply perfect - thanks Cazy... xx
me 1 
About 5 years back, for another b'day, I was gifted a 'mulch-er' and must admit that it would have to be up there with my all time favourite gifts!!! I've lost count of the number of wheel barrows full of mulch I've made and distributed around and throughout my garden this week not to mention over the past 5 years.....
mulch 1 mulch 2 
Not too many days go past round here without all of us lending each other a hand both on the farm and in the home... This morning we were out in the yards in the crisp morning air before retreating to the warmth of our home to start out school day.... 
farm 1 
And I love that during the cooler months we get the chance to do most of our 'outdoor' work in woollens...
me 2
And lastly, about 6 months ago now I made a conscious decision to stop buying teabags. I hated that with each cup of tea I consumed (which for me is about 6 a day) I was creating waste!!!! So, when I found these cute little tea diffusers (oops, infuser) at a gorgeous Shop just down the road at Bourke I knew I was on to a winner... 
I use this EVERY day and each and every time I do I feel so gratified that I've made a decision to reduce the waste I produce, even if it is only just a little... I love that with each cup of tea I'm also reminded of the gorgeous ladies who served me in that Shop on that lovely day - Ladies who I'm lucky enough to call my friends... Thank you Anna, Charlotte and Tanya - I look forward to coming back to 'Carol's of Bourke' very very soon...

Have you reduced your waste lately???


  1. Love your little tea infuser! I'll have to post about mine soon. Its super cute and makes a good cuppa!

  2. I put out my bins last night, and found that while my recycling bin was full to the brim, my rubbish bin was empty. Everything is recycled or composted if possible, including the tea bags.

  3. I had no idea wheat was grown in your part of the world Jodie, sounds great! I love rugging up and working in the cold too, so much easier to deal with than the summer heat.

    Lovely glimpses into your winter days!

  4. I compost my tea bags and also my coffee grounds. No waste here, I recycle and have done that for years. I try to save the earth by doing my part. Even tiny bits of yarn I have laid out for the birds to use to build their nests.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  5. Cute infuser. Funnily enough in the last couple of weeks I have gone back to the lovely brew from a teapot, for similiar reasons :-)

  6. out my containers yesterday, and discovered that while my recycle bin was complete to the top, my junk bin was vacant. Everything is reprocessed or composted if possible, such as the tea purses.
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