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Today, I'm pulling inspiration from Pip, and TAKING STOCK!
Making : : A cardigan, this one, for myself.
Cooking : : From this cookbook, for most meals.
Drinking : : Icy cold white wine in the evenings, which is totally not like me - I'm a red wine girl all the way. 
Reading : : Cookbooks, and loving this one full of beautiful interesting recipes and stories. I especially love how Hetty gives you loads of substitutes for ingredients that might be tricky to find.
Next read : : Cut Flower Garden
Wanting : : A new worm farm.
Looking : : At the Soul Craft Festival Schedule and planning a trip down south for June so I can attend.
Playing : : The Podcast 'A Plate to Call Home' and loving the latest episode with Tamsin Carvin.
Deciding : : Which Masterclass to attend while at Soul Craft Festival (if any at all) and thinking this one or this one would be fun!
Wishing : : The school holidays weren't over. My littlest guy started school and I'm missing him like crazy!
Enjoying : : T…

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