Thursday, June 26, 2008

How did I miss that?????

My last post came and went without me even noticing that it was my 100th... Can you believe it???

I can still remember when I first started blogging, the thought of reaching this milestone got me so excited... I would dream about the mega giveaway that I'd do!!! Thanking all of the wonderful and inspirational people that had hung in with me for that long... Well in true 'Jodie' style I totally missed it... LOL!!!

Don't worry I still have that mega giveaway planned.... Since moving to the new house I've realised just how much fabric I've actually been hording over the years (shhh don't tell DH)...... I have a bit of this fabric left and loads of other gorgeous cuts that I just had to have, you know what it's like, right???? So I've decided to give a BIG wad of it away to 1 maybe 2 lucky bloggers who comment on this post.... I'll draw the winner at the end of next week....

Now I can't do a post without at least 1 pic, silly I know..... These, I guess you could say, are our typical dry dusty conditions.....This pic was taken a couple of weeks back. DH was lucky enough to get the last of the crop in before we got some much needed rain... 52mm fell the night he finished this paddock, couldn't of timed it better if we'd of tried.... So the Dust has settled for the time being and fingers crossed the next pic of this paddock I'll be showing you will be luscious and green, and not from weeds either... LOL!!!

Take care... :)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I joined up for the Sassy Apron Swap earlier on in the year thinking that it would be loads of fun to make an apron for someone and even loads more fun receiving one from someone else that loves to craft just as much as me.... I was so surprised when I collected the post this morning.... Yep, that's right, a lovely big package from the USA.... I could barely contain myself from squealing with excitement!!!! In all of my wildest dreams I never imagined that my apron could look anything like this..... Or this......Yes that's right, it's reversible!!! So I really got 2 aprons, what a bonus!!!! Adrienne you're a genius!!!!! She even threw in a matching tea towel, a bottle of tabasco sauce and a divine recipe for some bloody Mary's that I just can't wait to try.... The theme to her apron was naughty but nice...... The apron that I've designed for my partner is very vintage, well I hope that's what my partner thinks anyway.... I'll post some picks once she receives it....

Here's a little skirt I whipped up for the little princess the other day..... Not a very good shot, I know!!!!! If anyone has any toddler photo taking advice I'd love to hear it... LOL!!

Take Care.... :)

Monday, June 2, 2008

I crack myself up... LOL!!!!

Sorry about my last post everybody!!! I totally thought that I posted a really long post about lost of crafty goodness with photos to boot and then when I checked my emails after the weekend I just couldn't stop laughing.....

Thank you for all of your concerns about my empty post and NO I'm definitely not leaving blog land I'm just really busy at the moment and am finding it hard to post more than once a week, don't panic things will get better soon, promise....

The little Take Care signature that you saw in my last very brief post was a lovely pressy from the gorgeous Donna over at Chookyblue... Now let me tell you now, this lady sure is one clever little chooky... I'm sure if you pop over and drop her a comment she'd be more then welcome to show you how to get one of your very own...

O.K. Now I'm off to put together that post that mysteriously disappeared.... LOL!!!

Take care... :)

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