Friday, June 3, 2016

Maltese Fisherman's Hat

Each year, as the weather cools, I knit hats for my family. This year I'm visiting a favourite knitting book, the Knitter's Almanac by Elizabeth Zimmerman, and making the 'Maltese Fisherman's Hat' for all three of my little people - and my big farmer boy too!
Elizabeth is an amazing woman who truly did change the face (and shape) of knitting and I simply love her book 'Knitter's Almanac' and visit it often!! It's set out in months, with patterns to match the seasons and has loads of ramblings from Elizabeth about how she came about creating her patterns and ways to which you can alter them, if need be.
I'm knitting a pattern from the month of June. This month is filled with hats, simple yet gorgeous hats, and I want to knit all of them, one day!
I've knit the smallest hat first and am loving the built in earflaps and neck warmer! This hat has a seamless construction and short row shaping to create the flaps. It's knit from the bottom up and I made this hat using 6mm needles and a 12ply and 8ply alpaca held together to create a chunky yarn.
I followed the pattern exactly until the last 2 decreases at the top of the hat - I totally skipped these as it made the hat form a point at the top, like a pixie type style.
So, are you knitting for your family at the moment in an effort to keep them warm through the cooler months too? Or maybe you're visiting a favourite book - if so, I'd love to hear about that too!!

Happy Friday Friends! x

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