Tuesday, October 16, 2012


Wow - the weather sure is heating up round these parts with the temps reaching 35'C hear on the farm today....
With a new shipment of Summer yarns due to hit my shelves any day now I thought I'd have a little 'de-stock' of some of my Malabrigo Winter yarns...
I've slashed 50% OFF the absolutely divine Super Bulky RASTA.
rasta 1 rasta 3
50% OFF the ever popular Gruessa - a slightly felted, single ply, super bulky, thick and thin pure wool.
gruesa 3 gruesa 1
And 40% OFF Aquarella - a gorgeous hand dyed super bulky pure wool.
Pop on over to the Sale Bin on my Website to grab yourself a bargain!!!!

My Website is now back up and running - thanks for all your emails!!!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


I know, I keep saying it but I really do love this time of year... I feel it way down in the deepest pits of my stomach, each and every time I step outside - especially when it's first thing in the morning and the Sun is only just rising and everything looks oh so much more vibrant.
broccoli 1
There's a silence in the air as my girls and I walk round the garden, still in our pj's, checking to see what 'magic' has been worked over night, planning out our day...........
broccoli 2
There's broccoli to be harvested (this will be added to a creamy homemade pasta for dinner).
broccoli 3
Rocket and lettuce to be picked (rocket for pesto and mixed lettuce for a green salad to accompany our pasta dinner).
New potatoes which have sprouted,
chives flowering (I'm now itching to try this out - chive blossom flavoured vinegar!!),
herbs 2
and petunia's poking their way through a maze of chocolate mint (have you got any ideas what I could do with this??).....
herbs 1
I could go on and on here with ramblings from my garden but will leave it at that.... :)
What magic is happening at your place this week??

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Our Days.....

As the days start getting warmer we find ourselves, as a family, spending more and more time outside - savouring the days before they become just that little bit too hot....
Painting on the old rickety front veranda is always a must on a warm day, with colour experimentation high on my girls list of favourite things to do...  (the little strips pictured below are part of a collection they have been working on for a Xmas 'count-down' chain/garland - yes it is nearly Xmas again... )
girls 6
Not too long ago my Connie Girl decided that she wanted her own 'gardenbed'... So she set off with her trailer and collected rocks, horse poop, compost and the all important (around here anyway) sheep poop.  After everything was prepared she took to one of my gardens with a shovel and dug out some of her favourite plants... 
girls 1
She rakes and weeds and waters her little garden almost daily and thanks to this her plants are thriving. So now 2 months down the track, she has visions of expanding and dotting little garden beds all around the yard....
Not too far away is Millie, of coarse, under an old rainwater tank stand where a few geraniums and pots of neglected succulents live - this is her little spot, where many a tea party on a warm afternoon has been had already this Season.....
girls 2
The Ponies have finally settled in and we're finding ourselves enjoying their company daily, especially of a late afternoon just as the sun is slipping beneath the horizon....
girls 3
I almost can't believe that this sweet little dress that Millie is wearing was one I made for Connie over 2 and a 1/2 years ago - where has that time gone??? I think I love it just as much today as I did way back then when I fist saw Connie running 'round on the grass in it...
girls 5
Are there things surrounding you at the moment that conjure up old memories???
As I slowly get closer to the arrival of bub #3 I seem to be slipping on the old blogging front... :(
I love my blog and derive and enormous amount of satisfaction and reward each and every time I post but for some reason over the past couple of months I feel as though I've been an absolute SLACKER and for this I am truly sorry... I do read all of your comments and I am thankful for all of your emails - technology and I are not seeing eye to eye at the moment but I'm determined to combat this problem so please do hang in there as I try my hardest to get things back on track again...

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