Friday, January 29, 2016

Little Things....

As the school holidays wind up and a new schooling year begins I'm taking a moment to enjoy the little things, and filling my days with simple pleasures like these....
Kniting - a new little top, that's just for my girl... (pattern from here)
blog 1
Sisters - bickering, as they do! 
Rockmelons - growing on my vine, finally!
blog 3
Zucchini's - I restrained myself and only planted 2 bushes this year. They've been thriving in a neglected part of my garden where not much else grows during the hot Summer months. 
blog 4
And.... Yabbies - my most favourite crayfish of all to eat!
blog 5
Are you taking the time to enjoy the little things in your day too? xx

Friday, January 15, 2016

My 2016

As I slowly settle into 2016 I'm excited by the promise of a wonderful new year, filled with adventure. By adventure, I'm not talking about the kind that takes you vast distances exploring new places, I'm talking about an adventure of a different kind, an adventure inside my home, around my farm and through familiar places.

This Year... I'll be focusing on my surroundings, trying to really appreciate how lucky I am to be able to live the quiet, simple life that I do. I'll be taking a break from my small {yarn} business and allocating that time back to the things that have slowly slipped away from my everyday due to 'Shop' commitments over the past 6-7 years...

 My 2016 will be more about afternoon walks with my little people, expanding my vegetable garden, picnicking in the paddocks, late night star gazing, sharing food, revisiting slow(er) crafts, learning something from someone new, listening (often), writing letters, and mastering Sourdough....
Jan 2016
 This Year... I want to learn as much as I can about the gorgeous art of Sourdough. It truly has stolen my heart this past couple of months, and as a family we're enjoying the lessons it is teaching us about 'slowing' down - good things really do take time (and patience) and can't be rushed...  
Jan 2016
This Year.... I'm looking forward to walking in the mud barefoot when my kids ask me too, even if it does dry my feet out and make my heals crack when I'm done.

This Year.....I'm excited for my aviation loving husband as he dreams about something new for himself on the horizon.
Jan 2016
This Year.... I'm going to explore the possibilities of companion planting more in my vegetable garden - marigolds have worked amazingly for us this year in ALL beds!
Jan 2016
So... Are you letting go of something this year? Or maybe your going on an Adventure to find yourself again like me? 

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