Thursday, November 15, 2012

Jelly Xmas Star Tutorial - revisited....

With Xmas only just over a month away I've been getting quite a few emails from people about the Crochet Xmas Star Tutorial I did back here. For some reason Google swallowed up all the pictures from that post back at the start of this year and with the help of a tech-y friend I have finally been able to recover them again....
jelly star
So, here's the post again - same photos, same instructions, just in a 'newer' post.

If you'd like to make some Xmas-y Stars this year then grab yourself some 8ply yarn (1 used 100% merino in the pictures below but cotton would be equally as good) and a 4mm hook.
(note - american crochet terms are used for this pattern)

To start, make a foundation chain of 5, join with a slip stitch to the first chain to form a ring.
Round 1 - (you will be working this round into the ring formed with the foundation chain) ch3, 2dc, ch3, *3dc, ch3. Repeat from the * 3 more times (5 dc clusters and 5 ch3's total). Join with a slip stitch to the 3rd ch of the starting ch3.

Round 2 - slip stitch into the next 2 dc and into the first ch3 space. ch3, (2dc, ch3, 3dc) all in the same (1st) ch3 space. 1hdc in 2nd dc of next dc cluster (a cluster is a group of 3dc's worked in the previous round). *3dc, ch3, 3dc in next ch3 space, 1hdc in 2nd dc of next dc cluster. Repeat from * 3 more times.
Join with a slip stitch in 3rd chain of starting ch3.
star 3 
Round 3 - Slip stitch into next 2 dc and into first ch3 space. Ch3, (3dc, ch4, 4dc) all in the same (1st) ch3 space. 1sc on either side of hdc from previous round.
(4dc, ch4, 4dc) in next ch3 space, 1sc on either side of next hdc from previous round. Repeat from * 3 more times. Join with a slip stitch in 3rd chain from starting ch3. Fasten off and weave in ends...
These stars are great sewn into a garland or hung by themselves on your tree. Why not make them in a thick cotton for a Xmas-y themed washer...


  1. Love these make it look so easy! x

  2. Oh yay! I have been looking for a pattern just like this for some gifts this year. Thank you Jodie. I had better get cracking on those school reports so I have time to get hooking before Christmas!

  3. Thank you for posting this again. I have been looking for an easy to understand pattern for a star.

    Hope your girls are enjoying the build up to the big day. ( mind you just thought that could be baby or Christmas)

    Best wishes from the UK.

  4. These are great Jodie. I always add them to my Christmas gift tags for a little bit of fun. I've made so many I don't need the pattern anymore.

    1. What a great idea. I am making them for a memorial wreath I am making with red stripes and blue stars, but I like these so much I will be using them in other ways too. Gift tags: great idea.

  5. These are just so adorable...thank you so much for sharing them again!!!

  6. YAY!!!!!!! thank you sooooo much for sorting this out. can't wait to make some more up. :)

  7. That is a darling star ornament. I did see last time you posted it and so glad you are sharing it again with us. Your garden produce looks so healthy and yummy! Hope all is well, when is baby due????
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  8. Hey Jodie, that's really funny, I've been crocheting stars for our brand new shop in Coolamon. Our patterns are quite similar! I'm only a beginner at crochet, I find it impossible to read most of the patterns but I can work out my own designs much more easily. I wish I had found your great post with action photos, so much easier to follow.

  9. Hey thanks for the update Jodie. I found your pattern floating around pinterest and love it. I'm a newbie crocheter and was able to follow your pattern without the pics (pinterest link is to the original page). But with the pics is so much nicer! Now I'm off to update my pinterest pin with this page. See you again. xx Fi

  10. Oh thank you for posting this tutorial..these are so cute and will be perfect for a gift I am putting together for a friend.

    The lovely Fiona of Brave New Vintage pointed me in their direction :)


  11. Made six of those stars so far, now I know the pattern by heart! They're so lovely and nice to make. Thanks Jodie! Looking forward to the next one...

  12. Hi Jodie

    thanks again for this pattern. I have linked back to you today on my blog as I have been asked quite a few times for the pattern!

    blessings, Fi xxx

  13. Of all the stars I have tried to make, I love this one the most. Thank you!

  14. I should also have mentioned in my comment that I think quite a few people have had problems with their pictures on blogger. Reducing their image sizes has helped them because they had filled their free quota on photobucket.

  15. Thank you so much for the pattern and pictures for these delightful stars! I've just taken 15 minutes to make my first one - your instructions and pics were perfect. I'm making a least 4 more for our yearly tree ornaments. Thank You!

  16. Hi! I really liked your star!!
    I've used it to make a wand for my little girl.
    I linked to your site here

  17. I love this star pattern!! I am still new to crocheting and this is the only pattern I have been able to follow so far, one question though... is there a way to make it bigger?

  18. I too was wondering how to make the star dishcloth size...about 7 - 8 inches wide?
    thanks for sharing your lovely pattern..
    blessings to you and yours..

  19. Think this could make a cute afghan or if nothing else a pillow. Thanks For sharing

  20. Hi Jodi! I would like to ask your permission to use this pattern for a Cambodian project. Could you please email me at for details. I can't seem to get the email working on your profile. Blessings!

  21. Just found your pattern whilst searching google, absolutly love this star, it works up really well, your pattern is easy to follow, going to make lots using different colours for each round, thanks for sharing Jules : )

  22. Hi Jodi, I just love these little stars. I was wondering if you could give me permission to sell the made stars at boutique's and online. Please email me at Thanks so much- Amy

  23. It's this time of the year ... Would it be okay for me to translate your pattern into German and reblog it? Of course I would link to your blog. Thanks a lot and happy thanksgiving to you and yours!

  24. Thank you for this great lesson! It is great!!!! yeeeeeees!!!! thanks!!!!
    I would like to ask if you leave me I link your tutorial on my blog? is fantàctic, thank you!
    kisses from Catalonia!

  25. Hello! Thank you again! If you want you can see on my blog that I did!
    Link your tutorial on my blog! thank you! thank you! thank you!

  26. Love this star! Very easy to make.

  27. Lovely star, thank you for the easy tutorial.I would like to pin it but where is the PinIt button?

  28. Congratulations!
    It's cleat and simple, very easy to make.
    And the result is great

  29. This was so quick and easy to make thanks to your clear instructions. I will be making a few of these in cotton to hang on our tree this year.

  30. First, Thank you so much for this easy to follow adorable pattern!! :)
    Second, for those interested you can start this with a magic circle.
    I tried it and it went perfect!!

  31. Replies
    1. Thank you, talented & anonymous friend! Even though I'm finding your pattern 6+ years later and have not quite learned to crochet yet, this project looks like it will be both a "keeper" and a year-'round favorite. ~ Fondly, Theresa Ann


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  33. Great pattern!! Thank you for sharing. I haven't used the scrubby yarn yet but think this might be good size for a scrubby. In the meantime am using it to make a red, white, and blue bunting for the 4th of July.

  34. Loved making the star. Will be making more! Thanks for sharing it. Sue from England

  35. Just want to thank you for sharing this lovely easy star pattern. It's exactly what I had in mind when I wanted to make stars. I made mine starting with a magic ring, looks good. I did the star in white, so I crocheted a white bead into the 2nd ch of the point (hope you know what I mean) Thank you again :)
    Best Wishes, Ann from Cape Town

  36. my goodness, all my life I want to make something pretty like that, I hope I can make it as pretty as yours..

  37. This is a great pattern. You made it so easy to follow and they turn out beautifully. Thanks so much for sharing.

  38. This comment has been removed by the author.

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