Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Slowing Down....

As the pace of 'life' round my home starts to slow in the lead up to Autumn I'm glad to be finding little snippets of time in my day for blogging again...
This week in the home schoolroom we have been embracing the joy that Autumn brings to our family - a crispness in the air that lightens our daily load and entices us to dig the earth again in preparation for our cool season vegetable growing. 
Can you believe it's only 4 days til Autumn? - this week in our  homeschooling we're focusing on the shift in Seasons and it's really nice. Autumn truly is my favorite Season of the year, how about you?
Autumn would have to be my most favourite Season of all!! I have trees that surround my farm house and come the end of March (start of April) their leaves turn a heavenly shade of gold that over the weeks progresses through the shades of reds and purples, til finally turning brown, symbolising the start of Spring - I love this process and long for it to begin as soon as the days become that little bit shorter, towards the end of February, a true sign of the changing of the Season!
I'm working on something super secret for my Autumn Yarn Club this arvo - how about you?
above : : some secret Autumn 'leaf-y' knitting 
The start of something Autumn-y.....
above : : collection of Autumn-y shades
And although it's still WAY too hot to be wearing layers of hand-knits, just yet, I'm finding that I'm still able to sneak little snippets of hand-knitted goodness into my everyday!!! 
Loving this little mini leaf 'cuff' too!! #knitting
With the slight change in weather the hours we are able to spend in the morning light, busying about our daily chores, is slowly extending and the littlest members of our family couldn't be happier - Summer, you have been hot and dry and cruel this year and we are well and truly ready to embrace Autumn!!!  
My littlest guys favorite part of the morning - feeding his girls!
And what better way to celebrate than with an evening revisiting a favourite book (Amanda Soule you are a constant inspiration to me as a mother - thank you!), sipping sweet tea and planning some new Autumn/Easter outfits for a freshly washed and very well loved dolly, right?!
Tonight I'm revisiting a favourite book, sipping sweet tea and planning a new outfit for a freshly washed dolly..... How about you?
And tonight I'm doing some essential March garden-bed planning and seed ordering! - I'm thinking out side the square this year and am planting a few varieties of vegetables that would normally be grown in other Seasons (I'm such a rebel)!
Tonight I'm planning my Autumn 'patch' - trying a few things outside my normal growing season for a change, wish me luck!
And lastly - I couldn't help but share a picture of this super sweet little Valentine of mine...
A sweet little necklace from the man that I love - Happy Valentines Day Everyone!!!!!!
Isn't it just the most perfect little necklace, ever?!

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Seasonal Yarn Club.....

This morning while the kids played at the back step I set about my usual 'week ending' activities.... Mowing the lawn is one of them and as I laboured at this task I couldn't help but feel just a little saddened --- you see, I have a beautiful garden which I work very (VERY) hard at. But, a beautiful garden needs water, right!!? Well, we haven't had any substantial rain here on the farm for well over 12 months and the water supply that I use for my garden is all but exhausted - DH estimates approx 2 weeks left of watering and that's it!  
Playing by the back step.... Kids + Lego = hours of fun!!!! 
My house water situation isn't much better - probably 3 weeks left if I'm really careful!

So, to escape my reality, just a little, I pack up my kids and put on some nice clothes and we all head to town for the day on Fridays. I walk through the shops and go to the library and eat 'out' somewhere nice and visit 'whoever' and do the running around that needs to be done for the farm and it's just lovely! 
Up nice and early, packed and ready to leave --- it's town day today!!! YAY! 
And I forget that we've been pushing scrub for hungry stock for way too long, and that my vegetable garden is almost non-existent because the constant run of 40'C+ days has all but fried everything, and that the damns are drying up, and that my rainwater tanks are near empty, and that the dust storm that came through last night has left a haze on almost every flat surface in my home, and I just breathe!!! And when I get home I'm better!!!

And I love that I live where I live, drought and all!!! I love that I have a husband who is strong and loving and when all looks grey and overcast but there's still no rain in sight, he pulls on his boots and takes us for a fly....

We've had this plane for well over 10 years now and she's definitely something we couldn't live without. She might not get up in the sky every day and sometimes even months pass without us looking at her. But, when we do go up in her, kids and all, it's just perfect!!
Takin' the old girl out for a run this arvo....   p.s... sign-ups for my YARN CLUB have started over here; for those who are keen!!! 
In the still of the morning, usually before the Suns had a chance to rise, I've been busily working away at 3 special projects --- a pink scarf for my Millie, a mystery KAL for me and some notes for a new 'idea' I've been playing around with....
Working on 3 things at once this morning - a scarf, a shawl, and some 'notes'..... #followyourarrowkal #ysoldakal 
A couple of days ago I launched a 'Seasonal Yarn Club' over on my Facebook page... The response has been amazing and with a few spots left I thought I'd share it with my blogging friends as well.
club 4
If you're on Facebook you can check it out here. Otherwise these are the details, copied for Facebook...

I'm launching something NEW and EXCITING here at Jellywares --- A Seasonal YARN CLUB!!!!!

My 1st 'YARN CLUB' will be for the Autumn Season and here's what's involved: for each of the 3 months of Autumn I'll be putting together a package unique to its month. Each package will contain a pattern/yarn combo specifically selected to represent what Autumn means to me.

By joining this CLUB you are signing-up to receive 3 individual packages; 1 in March, 1 in April, and 1 in May. Each package will contain yarn of the highest quality, a pattern to match, and a special "treat" (exclusive to CLUB members ONLY!). All packages will be posted via registered postage on the 1st Tuesday of each month.

THE COST TO JOIN MY AUTUMN YARN CLUB IS $74.95 (this price includes registered postage for all 3 packages).
To join simply email me ( and I'll put you on the 'list'. Sign-ups close on the 21st of February and places are limited!!

note : : packages will be tailor-made for both KNITTING and CROCHET, please state your preferred technique when emailing.

Monday, February 3, 2014

a great start to the New Year....

That crochet cushion that I was working on in my last post is now finished....
Front and back of my cushion almost ready to sew together - YAY!!! 
With all those squares it only meant 1 thing --- loads of ends!!! (pattern pictured - from the book Molly Makes Crochet)
Pattern for the cushion I made and all the ends I had to sew in.... 
Now that it's finished I love it and so does my Connie - so just like that it's hers!!
F I N I S H E D ! :) 
There have been loads of button orders making their way to new homes over the past couple of weeks - my girl is loving it!!! There's nothing quite like packaging something up and popping it in the post for someone special...
My Connie girl has been working hard on her button packs all week!!! #buttons 
I've been pulling these old and worn boots on almost every night since the 'New Year' --- taking time to breath a little at the end of my days, enjoying some much needed down-time/exercise!
IThese boots are old and worn but they're also the most comfy walkin' shoes! - especially out here on the farm..... 
In the early morning I sneak in some knitting time and the New Year has seen me start a project which I'm extremely excited about... Ysolda's first ever KAL --- 'follow your arrow', it's addictive and interesting and everything that I was looking for (and needing) in a knitting project. Clue #4 is released tonight and I just can't wait to see where the mystery takes me next!
Some early morning knitting outside in my 'nighty' before we start back at school for 2014.... #followyourarrowkal #ysoldakal #knitting 
In between KAL clues I've managed to finally join some squares that have been in my WIP basket for way too long...
Feels good to be putting the finishing touches on this project today - these squares have been in my project basket for way too long.... They're now ready to felt! 
After a quick 'hot' wash in the machine they are now felted and ready for sewing together when the urge hits again.
Felted and ready for sewing..... 
I love that my biggest girl loves to craft and this week was super excited to see her starting a very special project for a birthday later in the year - granny squares are kinda her thing at the moment!! 
My girl is now making a pillow too.... 
And lastly, a 'night snap' of my girl and her new pillow just before she snuggles in to bed for the night --- good night... xxBedtime ~ my girl loves her new pillows...... #crochet

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