Monday, August 10, 2009

Keeping It Simple....

When DH asked if I'd make him a hat a couple of weeks back I nearly fell over... I was both shocked and excited..... You see, he's never really wanted anything 'homemade' for himself, or should I say any 'handmade clothes'........ This was my chance to show him that homemade's really not that bad... LOL!!! Under strict instructions to 'only keep it simple' I got to knitting.... To my delight he absolutely LOVES the finished product and has worn it for the last 2 chilly mornings while mustering on his motorbike... *grin* I sure am one proud mumma!!!!! Can't you tell???

With a trip to town planned for this morning I whipped up a new skirt for Miss Connie....

I know it's hard to see, but I made it out of red cord and attached a ribbon to the hem using this great technique.....
We're shearing this week so life may become a bit hectic in my neck of the woods... What's going on where you are??
Take Care :)

For the beanie I just cast on a multiple of 12 stitches (96 in this case) using a 4.5mm circular needle and 2 bendigo cotton 8ply yarns knit together. I knit in k2, p2 rib for 2" and then knit in stocking stitch until my work measured 10" from the beginning (my DH has a HUGE head and also likes to have extra length so that he can fold it up)... For the decrease I followed the instructions as set out in this great little beanie calculator...


  1. still my crafting heart a man who requests handmade you definitely are one lucky mama!! I am loving the red legs under that gorgeous skirt. well done.

  2. Woo hoo well done Jodie, I'm slowly working my way towards something for the man of the house!

  3. well done all round...
    my Dh wears a beanie I knitted for him under his bike helemt as its get a bit chilly here in the AM.

  4. I knitted my hubby a beanie hat last winter. He wore it quite a bit. It is nice when people actually use the things you make them.

  5. Yay - that he has asked for somehting made by you. And that he loves it and wears it. I have to make a pair of socks for my DH - best get to it.

  6. It is always nice when your loved ones request a handmade item and they wear it a lot isnt it. Warm the heart! Love the little red skirt and the cardi is very cute too with it.

  7. How nice that your guy loves his hat! We are not close to beanie weather yet, but that blue color makes me wish we were. Too lovely!

  8. As always they all look great! You'll be happy to know I'm whipping my knitting needles back out today! :-)


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