Friday, August 7, 2009

Swap Parcel............

This afternoon waiting for me at the mail box was a parcel from my swap partner, Sue. I ripped open the post pack and this is what I found....
Lots of little purple packages just dying to be opened... *^_^*
The first revealed a cute little mouse made by Sue herself for Miss Connie.....
You've hit the nail on the head with this gift Sue... Connie LOVES squeak squeak mice, can't you tell.... The next package was some soap, a picture frame and a draw smelly, all of which are absolutely lovely!!!!
Then there was a package for Little Millie, a sweet as can be striped cardi.....
The last package was the washcloths....
They are both just gorgeous Sue, you sure are one clever lady!!! I love the placement of the label on these, very professional.....
This really has been a super fun swap and I've really enjoyed hosting it... I've loved everything that has been swapped so far and can't wait to see what the last 4 swappers receive.....
For those that might be interested, I'm thinking about hosting a round 2 of this swap and will have sign-ups open in a couple of weeks....
Take Care :)


  1. Wow! Your gifts are gorgeous. Very spoilt. How talented is Sue.

  2. What a fabulous and thoughtful bundle Sue put together for you! Absolutely love the striped cardi for Millie.... the mouse is sooo cute too! beautiful creative knitting on the washcloths.

  3. Ooh a sigh of relief that it made it safely to your house Jodie, I was so worried! I am so glad that Connie loves mousie too. It is the first time I had ever attempted that pattern but now Isabelle wants one too (of course). I do hope the little cardi is a great fit too and I am happy that you loved everything I gave you. Those washcloths are some of my favourite ones you know and they didnt take that long to knit up really, only a few hours but I love the pictures on them. Kristen is a very good washcloth designer. I cant wait for the next swap or to see what the other 4 receive too. Lots of fun and thanks for organising it too.

  4. Absolutely wonderful gifts from Sue!

  5. wow-o-wow... what a great swap partner you had!!looking forward to round 2.

  6. Wow Jodie, what great gifts from your swap partner. I can't wait for the next one


  7. Gotta love the postie. Would love to partake in round two. Cheers

  8. Beautiful presents!!! Connie's mouse is gorgeous!! I have that pattern ready to make... just haven't gotten that far as to make it yet!! Ohh.. and the cardi and the wash clothes... gorgeous! I think I might be interested in having a go at the washcloth swap next time!

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