Saturday, August 22, 2009

Still Hot.....

While the needles were still hot I cast another singlet on for Little Millie.... This one is done in plain rib and is a tad bit narrower than the yellow one from a couple of posts back... It fits nice and snug and would be just perfect under clothing in the cooler months.... Hang on, it looks pretty darn cute on it's own with some bloomers too so I guess you could say it's an 'all seasons singlet'.... *^_^* Thanks for all of the lovely comments on the lacy singlet, I'm almost finished the PDF pattern and will post it as soon as I am... I was thinking of doing this ribbed one up as a PDF also, what do you think???

Here's hoping you're having a lovely start to your week...
Take Care :)


  1. What a cutie! The singlet looks great :-)

  2. Looks so cute! I'd love to see a ribbed one too!

  3. I love the ribbed singlet Jodie, perfect. Your baby girl looks so adorable in it too. Is it warm where you are at the moment as it has been so freezing cold here.

  4. I like this one as well, I think you should write both up as PDF, the model is just BEAUTIFUL.


  5. definately WRITE IT UP this is soooo unisex that I must have it!! Fantastic work on this one and of those gorgeous pix of our cutie mil-mil

  6. Another beautiful top!

    I wish it was cooler here so my little girl could wear these longer.

    Maybe it could be made in cotton?

  7. Just lovely Jodie! I can't believe how quick you are in with your knitting. Love Millie's hair style - so cute!

  8. How Millie has grown - adorable! And love the little singlets.x


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