Giveaway #2....

I know that I was supposed to wait until tomorrow to announce the winner of Giveaway #1 but I just can't help myself!!! So after hooking up to to get my number this morning the winner of the potholder is comment #9 Becky....
Now on to Giveaway #2.... This giveaway is for 2 crochet coasters. I made them using some locally made fibre that a girlfriend produced on her farm down the road...
I love the simplicity of these little coasters, so rustic yet so classy....
Anyone can enter, all you have to do is leave a comment telling me what you most favourite locally made product is (if you have one)....
Take Care :)


  1. Hi Jodie, Love them! What are the chances of the random number being 1? Congrats to Becky! xo Meagan.

  2. How wonderful to log in this morning and discover I now own a pot holder! My day is off to a great start :)

    Wonderful coasters too, my favourite local product is spun wool and possum blend for luxury knits. The only problem is I cannot afford it, I can sneak in and stroke it though ;)

  3. Hope I am the lucky winner! There is not much made locally around here, however I do try to buy handmade, and in Australia. If I can find something made by a WAHM then thats a bonus!

  4. they are great!!!!

    our local honey is great.

  5. hi jodie
    our local eggs are great!!!!

  6. Hi Jodie,when in season, our local strawberry farm has the most delicious, mouthwatering (and cheap!) strawberries! mmmm mouth is watering right now.. xx

  7. Hi Jelly. It's been ages since I visited, things are settling down here now since the move.

    My favourite local product is a tomato relish made by a lady and here daughter. They sell it at the Farmers Market every month and it is just delicious. Spicy and sweet, yum.

    Love your new blog header - that baby is growing so fast!

  8. Love the stylish coasters!
    Well there are so many beautiful locally made products to pick from:
    one of the great dairies here in Maleny, have all guernsey cows (caramel and white coloured) which produce beautiful milk and rich cream. Our local cafe makes wonderful award winning icecreams from the cream/milk. There are also local cheese makers.
    Once a month there is a farmer's market with wonderful produce....macadamia nuts, avocadoes, avocado oil, Montville coffee, pineapples etc.. I could go on and on...
    We have a weavers and spinners group that shares our Arts and Crafts building (I'm in the quilters group), and twice a year all the groups (many) combine to have a fair and sell things they have made during the year. You can buy the skeins of spun fibres at the fair.

  9. When we lived in Broome they had the best (or still do) soap and candles at the market. A friend from there still sends them to me each Christmas.

  10. Love the new header!! Too cute. Those coaster are awesome teh way they almost hug the cup!!

    At the moment I am loving our local free range eggs.... they are really hard to get your hands on though ;)

  11. Dear Jodie,

    I enjoy reading your blog regularly and envy you for all the homemade things you do...I think it is great!

    I am living in Austria and my favourite homemade product these days is an apple-strawberries marmelade !

    Bonne continuation and may be i will have the pleasure to win!

  12. Congrats Becky!
    Not a lot produced locally around me unless you count beef, but there is a winery on the other side of town and I quite like a red of theirs.
    If I get a chance I also like to purchase homemade jams etc at a market.


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