Yarn Stash Swap...

I'm in the process of cleaning up my sewing room... We're slowly renovating our home and the sewing room is next on the list... YIPPEE!!!
Today my yarn stash has been getting a clean up and I thought that it was time that it had a little clean out as well...
I've had these balls of yarn for a couple of years now and have made several projects using them but now I'm happy to let them go, it's someone else's turn to create something with them....
They are novelty type polyester 12ply yarns and after several machine washes I've found them very compatible with various cycles in the washing machine.... There is approx 480g of yarn in this bundle; 80g hot pink, 30g apple green, 175g violet, 200g lime green.

I'd really love some more cotton's for my collection and am not too phased as to what colour, ply or composition, as long as it has some cotton in it, that would be great....

So if you'd be interested in a little yarn swap leave me a comment to let me know....

Stay tuned for a few more 'yarn stash swaps' as I slowly go through my stock pile, hey, why don't you tell me if there's something that you're looking for, I might just have it and we could do a swap... ;)

Take Care...... Jodie


  1. Hi I'm not here for swap , just a chat and say hello !

  2. Oh, how fun! I left most of my yarn in S. Africa. Maybe after I've collected some more here in the states (the selection makes me want to buy so much!) I'll have some to swap!

  3. I'll check my stash, I know I have some 4ply crochet cottons, maybe some thicker? willo take a pic if I do. Cheers! PS Word verification 'obless', cute!


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