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I've been seeing some fantastic creative spaces around blog-land of late. This week I decided to join in on the fun....My creative space in seeing lots of green today and hopefully a little white by the days end. I've been crocheting-along with this great mystery Xmas project... Today is the 'big reveal', the assembly part of the project will be posted and I can't wait..... Check out some more great spaces here...
Take Care....


  1. Wow... you are roaring along on the crochet along.... you are covering me in dust!! How cool is it that your yarn looks almost the same colour as the lawn!

  2. I love the sound of a mystery something-along. I've been seeing a few of them in blogland recently. Maybe I'll have to try and find one before it starts so I can actually join in!! What you have so far looks great :-)

  3. The crochet is looking good but so's your grass !


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