Today I'm....

Harvesting some more red onions.....
And hanging them to dry in my fly room... It's really a room that you walk into before you enter our home. They're designed to drop all of the flies before you walk into a house, hence the name, and have fly mesh for the windows instead of glass, kinda like an enclosed veranda...
Miss Connie also picked our first cucumber for the season....
Isn't it a rippa'???? She thought so anyway....
Unfortunately we didn't get the cottage fenced off this weekend for my milking sheep... :(
DH was too busy stripping our wheat crop, I guess that does take priority after all, it does pay the bills now doesn't it... LOL!!!
So in between smoko runs, liaising with the grain truck driver and tinkering in my garden I worked on a little something that I've been dying to do for quite some time now.... It involves yarn, of coarse. I'll let you all in on my secret soon, promise.... ;)
(how on earth did those cheeky feet sneak into another pic??? LOL)
Take Care......


  1. Has Miss Connie been helping you take photos lately! I wish my house had a fly room, it seems they all love the cold air coming through the wire mesh at the front verandah which is very annoying when they sneak in on the door. Your vegies seem to be growing well now dont they.

  2. hope the harvest comes off well..........definitely the priority.......

  3. There is nothing better than your own fresh vegies. I hope harvest is going well.

  4. I have been reading your blog for awhile and am envious of your life style. I don't have enough sun or soil to grow my own veggies. When I do, the dear eat them. Oh well, that's what grocery stores are for I guess. I'm new to blogging and have a soft spot for all you Aussies. Back in 98, our family lived in Pyrmont for a year, so I feel a little home sick. Keep up the posts and pics.
    Brandie from

  5. mmmmmmmmmmmm what have you been up to?????

  6. Very interesting about the onions! I'll bet you have a beautiful vegetable garden! Can't wait to see what you're going to knit!

  7. Love the cucumber shot and the onions look delicious- they'd go well with the tuna sandwich I am eating right now! Have a good week! Meagan.

  8. Great veg!
    A fly room would be great here in summer!

  9. Great harvest! Wish I had the time and patience for a vege garden.
    Maybe one day....


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