More Washers....

After a lot of consideration I decided it was time to start trying to make some money out of my washcloths.... I love making these babies and have so many around my home now that I nearly don't know what to do with them all (I did say nearly)......
I came up with a couple of new designs and after asking around town to my surprise people might actually want to buy them!!!!! (total shock)

So my first batch of washcloths has been made, a total of 7, and I've put a price tag of $4 each on them... They are 100% cotton and measure approx 7' x 7'.
So far so good I have sold a couple already to some ladies in town.

Now time to get selling online..... In your experience what is the best way to do it??? Should I start an etsy shop, sell on eBay, what do you think of Made-It, or is starting another blog/website which is strictly for 'selling only' the way to go????
I've tried an etsy shop in the past with very minimal success, maybe it just wasn't the right time for me, I don't really know but whatever it was it just didn't work as I sold nothing....

Now don't think I'm expecting all of this advice for nothing, I wouldn't do that to you.... I have 2 of my new washcloths up for grabs, so a couple of lucky commentors will be getting a little treat for popping by and lending me a hand....

I'm really looking forward to hearing all of your advice.....
Take Care... Jodie..... :)


  1. I don't much like etsy for selling anything. I sell a few at local craft markets though.

  2. Your washcloths are gorgeous and $4 is way too cheap! They are works of art.
    I have no idea about on line shops but I do know that I am getting contacted through my blog quite a lot for sales of things I have made. Maybe you could put a button on your blog that leads you to another site where your current stock and prices are listed.

  3. I have an etsy shop and have found since blogging I have sold more. That being said, I still don't really sell that much! When I do make a sale though I usually buy something else with the paypal dollars, cheaper than trying to convert it back to AU dollars. I recently bought some washcloths on etsy too, if you had a store I would have bought them from you for sure! I had success on ebay too with my chenille and quilts, but you have to have the market there to begin with. Possibly try to put them in shop like I have put stuff in Handmade Heaven. Worth looking into all the options. Good luck!

  4. Jodie
    why not start a second FREE blog with what you have for sale.. and post here when you have things listed? I'd buy from you too.. and why should you pay commission to someone for advertising? I have sold a lot of 'excess' on ebay, but my $1000 in sales cost me $100 in fees.. doesn't seem right...


  5. It really is an individual decision and one thing you may need to consider with Etsy & Ebay are the fees, fees to lodge them, fees when sold and whether your price will cover them!! I like the idea of the other blog, might be a good way to start and you can link your existing one when you have products available...

  6. Jodie....your prices are WAY too cheap....I sell mine at the local markets for $10 each and I can't keep up with them..... I agree with the idea of a second fees etc.....have fun!
    lzi xox

  7. I would go with local craft markets... but I for one buy off of Etsy all of the time and you can advertise on your blog and all your loyal readers would be interested. You could make packages specific like Xmas washers with homemade soap or Mother's Day washers wrapped up with bath fizzies or something. Then it motivates people to purchase for something specific in mind.

  8. I totally agree Jodie, way too cheap for your gorgeous dishcloths. Perhaps put a button leading to another blog and set it up as a little shop of sorts, that way you arent out of pocket with fees. A local craft market would be good too, I am sure they would sell well although it depends on the outlay of the stall too.

  9. I love those designs! I'm actually in the same boat. I have a few random things I want to start selling. I've considered many different things and finally decided to go with starting another blog.

    I haven't advertised it yet but I have each item listed with a paypal add to cart button. I'm hoping to have that blog finished soon to start advertising it. It's at if you want to take a look!

  10. I'm so proud of you. well done.

  11. I like the idea of a second blog with a blog button to link to it. I also agree that $4 is a bargain.

    To help with getting the word out there you could start a ravelry group for washcloth lovers with a link to your blog.

    If you go for a second blog it might be good to have another swap which will help spread the word too, I found your blog via someone posting about your last swap.

    Best of luck!!

  12. Etsy can be a bit hit and miss.
    Love your washcloths.
    they are waaaaay too cheap!!!
    a second blog might be good.


  13. Don't know that I can help too much but would like to add a huge - WATCH OUT FOR THE FEES.
    Ebay would wipe out any profits you would make as does PayPal

    the separate blog sounds like a good idea except for payments, not sure how you could handle that without HUGE fees

    But I do love your idea though, just how to get it out there is the hard part

  14. Four bucks, I should say is way too cheap. They are handmade, and made with love. And yours are super pretty too.

  15. Jodie, I have no idea ...BUT if you make the cloths with the little baby feet on them that i say here on your blog once I would love to buy some ...and I would pay more than $4 i can tell you that !!!

  16. Oh bliss!
    I have been waiting sooooo long for this post!
    I don't mind where you sell them, just let us know here so I can snap some up! XXxx.

  17. FYI... There's a great new online buying and selling website called Its very simple and very inexpensive. Definitely worth checking out! I hope this comment helps...

  18. $4 IS way too cheap. Have a look at ; Bel writes on simplegreenfrugalcoop and also runs spiral garden. She has a lady make washcloths for her and they sell for around $8 I think. Not sure if she would stock more washcloths but it might be worth asking. Actually Bel helped me out recently when I looked into buying a home business, so she would be great for advice. (she also homeschools)

    I would suggest a blog post with some pictures, washcloth cost, postage for Australia and invite emails if you want to sell overseas. You could set up paypal and email an invoice (Mrs Martin's quilt shop runs like this from her blog).

    Keep us updated as to what you do!

  19. Etsy is so big now that its easy to get lost - I had a lot more success there before the economic down turn...

    Made It is good as its Aussie (I see there too). Perhaps Made It with blog updates and the link to your site? Or Big Cartel?

    Good luck.



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