Monday, September 6, 2010

End of Lamb Marking.....

As we slowly etch towards the end of lamb marking 5 minutes has come my way bringing with it a chance to reflect a little....
Before long Miss Millie will be big enough to help out as well. Ever mindful of this I treasure the days watching my little baby on the other side of the fence....
I'm so grateful to be able to live this gloriously simple life that I do even if at times it feels as though we are forever chasing our tails... The memories that we are making, being a close knit family that is lucky enough to work and play together, makes it all worth while....
So as Millie watches the last of the lambs run off into the paddock, another long day on the farm is complete and as always, leaves us thirsty for more....


  1. So true. Its always great to take account of the many blessings that we do each glad you are surrounded by such beauty every day. Your girls continue to be adorable!

  2. I can see lots of lovely lambs in the paddocks near my home - so cute and playful. I long to get in there among them :-)

  3. What beautiful little girls you have Jodie. They must bring you so much joy.

    I've finished your lavender pouch and will posting it off to you tomorrow. Hope it doesn't take too long to travel to the other side of the world :0)

    Jill x

  4. Hi Jodie, gee time flies so fast these days. The girls are growing so fast, it seems like yesterday when we were all counting down the days with you until the little one was born! She looks so cute in the akubra.

  5. wished I could say lamb marking is finished here but it is not fair off starting if it doesn't keep raining.........

  6. You do make it sound like a perfect life. Those little girls of yours are adorable!

  7. It is a wonderful environment you are part of for your family.


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