Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Silk-y Goodness........ *winner*

When I first saw Debbie Bliss Pure Silk I knew it wouldn't be long before I'd have to have some of my very own..... Well, guess what??? I now do!!!!! *squeel*
So with all of this Silk-y goodness I just couldn't resist playing around a bit and came up with this little bookmark.... I just love this stuff!!! It's delicious to use and drapes so beautifully when crocheted up into lace... Have you ever used silk fibre/yarn before??? I'd love to hear what YOU thought of it...
Thanks to everyone who entered my give-away... There are so many great stories which makes it so hard to choose just 1 winner so I put my 6 favourite into a hat and Miss Connie drew out the winner..... So, Congratulations....... Knitter Sue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Email me your snail mail and I'll pop your Noro in the post asap...


  1. Oh wow Jodie, I was so surprised to see my name there! Thank you so much to Miss Connie for choosing me too, and I actually will get to try out my first Noro yarn!

  2. Jodie, the Debbie Bliss silk is to die for and is a pleasure to work with. I think your bookmark is beautiful. Wouldn't it be great in a spring cardi?!

  3. What a beautiful bookmark? This is the most fantastic yarn to work with I made a great lace rib scarf with it, and it drapes beautifully. If only I could afford more then 1 or 2 balls...


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