Saturday, November 13, 2010


Last night when I asked DH what he thought of a new skirt I'd made I never expected the response that I got, actually I'm still pretty disappointed.... I guess I can be grateful for his honesty. I'd of hated him to tell me I looked gorgeous if he never really meant it but when he told me I 'looked frumpy' my heart sank..... WOW!!! When did I go from the 'sexy' woman he married to a 'frumpy' wife???
I stewed on his words all night (because I'm good at that) and this morning when I woke decided to wear the new skirt regardless... Hell, I don't mind looking like a frump if it makes me feel good....

What about you??? Have you been called 'frumpy' lately????


  1. Frumpy.........
    F fine
    R red
    U uuummmm skirt
    M Mummy
    P pretty
    Y yummo

    I am so not good at poems........
    but it is a nice skirt just a different cut to the usual.......

  2. oh and I wished I had that body and those legs......I would wear it.......

  3. Frumpy? No not frumpy, maybe he just doesn't know that grown women can wear things that are cute. Looks comfy too.

  4. You Frumpy? not a chance...I agree with Chookyblue...I used to have a nice figure. I AM FRUMPY ;) and beautiful at the same time.

    I like the skirt and you look great!

  5. Oh bleh.

    Been there done that.

    I made a "replica" shirty dress thingo last year in some great fabric. I fiddled and fussed and sewed it up. Put it on and got about the same response from my husband,

    "but you can't wear that to town or anything - it looks like you're wearing a funny apron!"

    gee - thanks. funnily enough - I haven't worn it to town. hmm.

  6. Tough love or lack of taste and knowledge? Maybe a little to stuck in the groove. You should definitely wear it if you like it. It's no good to lose your style to someone else's because in the end you don't know who you are. And I think you look beautiful in it anyway. Cherrie

  7. You do frumpy very well!
    The first picture of you made my heart sink. Was so good to see you smiling in teh last picture.
    Who cares if you look frumpy, silly or sexy.... as long as you can be you!
    Hubbies are always good at saying unwanted comments arent they?

  8. Don't take it to Heart Jodie what would He Know...I Think You Look Great & the Skirt Suits You...Rock On!

  9. It's a girl pretty vs. guy pretty thing. Other classics: short hair, cardigans...girls think 'nanna chic', men think 'Nanna'.

    I think you look lovely.

  10. don't take his comment to heart. i'm sure you're very un-frumpy under that skirt!! i think it's the cut of the skirt.....

  11. If that's what frumpy looks like then I want to look like you! I think the skirt is cute and you look great!!

  12. You look gorgeous. If thats frumpy...bring it on!

  13. Your skirt looks great! Frumpy?? Huh, yeah right. I want to know who took the photos?? The girls, the hubby or the self timer?

  14. I'm with Chookyblue.
    I wish I had that body and those legs. The skirt style looks great its just a different style to what you usually wear. I think you usually wear more figure hugging clothing. It will be nice and cool for the hot western NSW summer.
    Regards Fee

  15. Jodie thanks for sharing such raw honesty. It doesn't get more personal than that. I think it's a pertinant and interesting question that raise. Craig and I love each other very much but I know he thinks I look frumpy sometimes too, especially round the house in my trackies. What he has failed to consider is that he has aged too and perhaps I look at him and think he looks a bit frumpy too. I wonder and ponder; is this genetic hard wiring in their psyche to look for flashy displays of attractive adornment or are they brain washed as much as we are from a consumerist, retail driven society. Is it part of their "species survival" mechanism or are they buying into magazine and TV hype? If we are being really honest AND fair, I think we can safely say that men think attraction and love are different scenarios.
    On the word "frumpy"...I have noticed it applied most often in cases of age and weight and is almost never used as a masculine adjective.
    Thank you for a thought provoking post and I know you meant more than "should I wear it or not"
    I love that you are willing to still find "you" and fly in the face of comments with joy.

  16. Sometimes husbands can be difficult and not very understanding. Mine rarely likes anything I make, and is resentful for any time I have spent stitching. Try not to take it too much to heart, you look fabulous! You have a great figure for someone who has two young children. Glad you are still going to wear the skirt! Bec xxx

  17. I think frumpy is more a state of mind than what we wear. If we feel frumpy, we will be frumpy no matter what we wear and vice versa. I have frumpy days, daggy days and,not many, but some days when I think I look pretty good.

    In my opinion (and it doesn't really matter), you don't look frumpy and I hopeyou don't feel frumpy.

  18. You couldn't be frumpy if you tried Jodie. he's just not used to you having a different look to the usual. You look pretty cute from here.

  19. Maaate!
    I got called frumpy a little while ago...then I thought about the sartorial elegance of my bloke and realised he had no idea at all! His idea of dressing up (and I guess Mr W.'s as well) is to put on their clean jeans and to iron their shirt...I'm with you, wear what makes you feel good! Kx.

  20. You have the figure to pull off any outfit Jodie. Wear it with pride. Hope your hubby reads all these comments and realises that when it comes to fashion, and tact, he has no idea ;)

  21. Not an ounce of Frump in hot mama!!!! You go girl and wear whatever makes you feel good. Now if you had been standing there in your dressing gown with rollers in your hair and your blunnies on then I might have agreed ;-)

    PS I know you are busy but have you done part two to the dress? I have to take mine to Syndey at the Beg of Dec for a xmas present xxx

  22. um i hate to break it to you but your husband doesn't know what he's talking about - the skirt looks gorgeous - summery, floaty and fun. wear it with pride :)
    oh and i agree with the others - with those legs anything would look good ;-)

  23. I would have done exactly the same as you.

    You go girl!!

  24. I love this post, and the responses. They have given me a lot to smile about. If that's frumpy I dread to think what my look would be described as. I haven't worn a skirt in 20 years! You look fantastic and those legs definitely deserve to be shown off. Kim :-)

  25. "Frumpy" is entirely a matter of perception. I stopped asking my husband a while ago since it ruined any fun I was having. If you like it, darn them! Have fun :)

  26. Hey Jodie...I wish I was as frumpy as you;)

  27. Oh husbands - they are priceless arent they (although I am certain that you would not trade him)

    I recall Tim telling me at the END of a six week holiday that he did not like an outfit - It appears that almost every second day I had it on - haha - so he cant excape it when he looks back at photos:)

    I think it looks find - and it is all the thing on the cat walk at the moment:)

  28. Not frumpy at all - just happy to be wearing what you want to wear. It's a cute skirt!

  29. Ah, it was so much fun reading your blog and all those responss. I had to smile all the time. I guess all of us women know what it's like. Sometimes we look frumpy, sometimes we feel frumpy. And sometimes we look and feel gorgeous!But what the heck! That's life! Greetings from Germany and thanks to you all!

  30. I'm never sure if it is a good thing that my husband is honest when I ask his opinion. There's a few things that he's given me second doubts about wearing. Why on earth I ask the advice of someone lounging around in a t-shirt that is ripped and paint-splattered, though, is beyond me...


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