Monday, November 29, 2010

Swap Button

For those who are in the Xmas Washer Swap I've made a little button up for your side bar...
To add it to your blog like mine is on the right of the screen here's what you do.....
Right click on the picture above and save it onto your computer.
Go to the Design page of your blog and select 'add a gadget'.
Once in this wizard, scroll down until you see a gadget titled 'Picture', click on this gadget.
Once opened, you will see a field box at the top labeled 'Title', here I have named my picture 'Xmas Washer Swap 2010'.
Next you will see a box labeled 'Caption' leave this blank.
Next is the 'Link' box, here l typed - This will mean that whenever anybody clicks on this picture it will take them straight back to here.
Now time to add the picture, in the 'image' field you will be selecting to 'add an image from your computer'.
Select 'Browse' to find where you saved the image.
Make sure that the box labelled 'shrink to fit' is ticked before you upload your picture...
I hope this all makes sense but if you have any problems just shoot me an email and I'll do my best to help you out...
Also could the following people please email me if you're still wanting to be in the Swap, I don't have your email addresses yet....
Lily Boot, Shammy, Kerrie B, Sarah & Leigha.


  1. Have I missed a place in the swap??? I must have missed your post for that :-( Don't worry if I am too late, I will just have to make one for myself LOL :-)

  2. Thanks Jodie.... I have this up now....

  3. great button, love the crochet stars - perfect as bunting in your last post too!

  4. oh I am so going to make it into one of these swaps one day! if it is the last thing I do! for now - survive will do. I just posted for the first time in ages - didn't even feel like it but just had to get it said! Hopefully the mojo will return. YOur shop looks beautiful - so wish could pop in!

  5. I would love to be in the swap, can I still join? BTW thanks for e-mailing me that great pattern.

  6. Hi Jodie,

    My email address is:

    Thanks, Leigha

  7. Hi Jodie,

    My email address is

  8. I was looking for the Christmas washcloth, but the link for it comes back to the adorable star. That may mean I'm destined to have a try at the star, but I'm not a very practiced crocheter. Would you point me toward the washcloth, please?!
    PS - I love your blog and your beautiful photos! You are such an inspiration and your tut's are so clear! xoxo

  9. Hi Jodie,

    I just received my swap in the post. But I haven't received email from you with a swap partner. I feel terrible. I hope noone is missing out, can you please let me know if my partner has been assigned yet.

    Kind Regards
    Lisa Mocker

  10. Hi, Have just found this blog and wondering how I can join?



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