Saturday, November 27, 2010

Please Don't Rain Today!!!!!

Thanks to all who joined up for my Xmas Washer Swap... Keep an eye on your inbox as partners will be emailed out tonight, YIPPEE!!!!
With Xmas less than 30days away now I've slowly been putting the finishing touches on my handmade Xmas-y decorations for the shop...
The first super quick but overly effective decoration to adorn Jellywares on Marshall's walls this week is a Crochet Xmas Star Garland....
This was so much fun to make and as soon as we finish Harvest the pattern particulars will be available on my sidebar... I also have a knitted version for those crafty peeps who are yet to learn the art of crochet so stay tuned... *wink*
Thanks for all of the gorgeous comments and emails of late regarding our harvest. As I look out on the horizon this morning I see black skies and storms brewing, 20-40mm of rain is predicted for our region this afternoon. Please, I beg you, don't rain on us today!!!!!


  1. The xmas decorations look wonderful Jodie. Your shop looks so cute with all that gorgeous yarn, wish I lived closer. I hope the rain misses your harvest. We have had lots and lots in the last week down here!

  2. i have been thinking of you lately and wondering how you are going up there. keeping my fingers crossed for us.
    your decorations look beautiful :)
    looking forward to getting my swap email!

  3. bugger about the rain it should be raining there by now as I have had a couple of sprinkles in the last little while..........just about finished the wheat.......still got the oats to do......the 4-8 inches they have forecast won't be welcome this week........
    shop looks lovely.........

  4. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you that the rain holds off until after your harvest.

    Lovely Christmassy star decorations. They look very cheery :0)

  5. Love your star garland. It suits your shop so well. Blast the rain! Just what you don't need now. Let's hope it doesn't affect things too much.

  6. I started this and i am loving it! V.Cute!! Hope you had a productive saturday and enjoy your lazy sunday tomorrow (my monday) :)

  7. Thanks for the how to on the crochet stars!! I will be giving them a go. x

  8. Thanks again for a great pattern and an intersting blog to keep reading for inspiration...cheers!


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