Sunday, October 24, 2010


Where on Earth has this past week gone???
It feels as thought I've been running around in circles like a crazy woman hoping that eventually everything will fall into place... Well thankfully after a very long and exhausting day yesterday DH and I hit the hay nice and early at 8pm (yes that's right the sun was still up... sigh). We woke before the sun this morning, loaded our truck full of goats and I sent DH down the highway on an 18hr return trip leaving me and the girls behind to finally get things together...
You see, I was very honoured to be asked by Landmark Russell to cater for their latest clearing sale, to be honest I absolutely jumped at the chance to take 'Jellywares on Marshall' bush.....
So on Friday night I cooked up a storm and we headed to Windera for the day on Saturday to feed a tribe of hungry farmers. We had roast lamb/cheese/relish & egg/lettuce sanga's, Anzac biccies, choc-brownie slice, lolly bags, chips, lots of icy cold drinks, tea & coffee, and of-coarse snags & onions on the BBQ.
My girls were very well looked after too with little Millie going walkabout with a dear old friend and Miss Connie trying her hardest to keep the Landmark office girls on their toes (thanks for your patience Gail, Jodie, Ellie, Jackie, and little Brook-y)...
We had the best time and are very hopeful that the gorgeous Dave and Gail will ask us to do their next sale, whenever it may be.....
On the home front, Little Miss Connie has been rather preoccupied of late playing Mum to a new poddy lamb...
She makes her Mumma so proud, the way she cares so tenderly for her precious little treasure, Jessie, getting her milk just the right temperature and making sure she drinks just enough is just too sweet for words..... *^_^*
So with the house now clean and the washing up to date I set to boiling some water to cook the girls some pasta for dinner. Thoughts of melting vintage knitting needles came to mind (don't ask me how) so I hit the knitting needle stash, found 10 great candidates in a variety of colours and chucked them into the pot....
After about 10 mins, boiling away rapidly, my needles resembled a well cooked string of spaghetti. I bent them around my fingers until something a little like this,
and this,
and this,
and lastly, this was created.....
Man this was fun!!!!!! I am so itching to give some other kind of melted knitted accessory a go now, got any ideas???????


  1. Sounds like you have been busy! What a creative use of the old needles!!

  2. I reckon you will sleep well tonight as well. It would have been a hectic but fun day at the clearing sale. I love your creative use of old knitting needles. Very clever and effective.

  3. Love the old knitting needle rings!! I have seen them curled as braclets before. I wonder if they would make a good shawl pin if bent the right way??

  4. goodness you have been busy. Just love the knitting needle rings, brilliant!

  5. i always love reading about your fabulous creative ideas! knitting needle rings, brilliant!

  6. The busy life of a farmers wife... know it all to well... sounds like you looked after that hungry horde very well... I always love reading what you and the family are up to xxx

  7. gosh what a busy bee you have been.

    I love the needle rings.....too clever!!

    You must have cooked up a you say..what an honour!!!

  8. I have never seen the knitting needle rings, but I have seen the bracelets! Your Connie looks adorable with her little lamb, how sweet they are together.

  9. Wow! The needles are great, could they be twisted together to create a multi coloured bracelet.

    Come an visit my Monday post for an award.

  10. Your Knitting needle rings are just too cool Jodie! I love them, what an awesome idea!!
    You should sell a few in the shop in town, I reckon they'd do well!!
    Ellie x

    Oh P.s...
    We were all very happy to have you cater the clearing sale!! You did a fab job!

  11. Oh I absolutely adore these!! So clever - you should put these up on Etsy. :)


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