Friday, July 29, 2011


I get quite a few emails asking how we're going with Connie's 'Home-Schooling'. We're all really loving this new and exciting stage in our little girls life and enjoy being able to share the experience together as a family.... school 1
But, it does engulf us ALL with 'learning' taking place in just about every corner of our home as well as extending outside into the garden, paddocks and surrounds. Some days it can seem to be quite a struggle and it's on these particular days that we all take a deep breath and a well deserved 2
So this coming Monday we're hitting the road to attend yet another Camp - this will be the 3rd for the year. These are a great way to meet other like minded families and helps build an outside support network...


  1. Don't you just love day camps! I have graduated two from homeschooling and loved every minute of it....Not always easy but very enjoyable.....It's good to see others doing the same.....

  2. Jodie, homeschooling is a wonderful experience. So pleased you are enjoying it.
    I love the look of achievement on little faces when they have done something they thought they couldn't.
    Learning does seam to take over the house but I don't mind all that much. Our kitchen is ment to be our learning area although more oftern than not we are learning on the couch, reading in bed and not to mention the time line in the hall and times tables in the loo.
    Every day there is room for learning wether it be formal or informal.
    Ah such a great lifestyle.


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