Friday, September 9, 2011

Today I'm.....

Putting the finishing touches on some hats for a gorgeous lady from Broken Hill
shell hat 2
shell hat 1
and enjoying wearing my Shalom just one last time before the heat of Summer arrives...
shalom 2
The wind must be blowing off snow somewhere today - brrrrr it's cold....


  1. I really like the buttons you used on your hats, makes the colors pop! We have had hail here today and the wind has been very cold. I am hoping we dont have a scorcher of a summer this year.

  2. Yes those buttons are beautiful! I really like the purple hat with the natural flower, lovely! :-)

  3. Hope your summer isn't a scorcher like we have had here in the states. Your hats turned out really pretty. Love the buttons, they are the prefect embellishment!

  4. Great work Jodie. Looks like you've been busy with projects lately. The hats are so colorful and I too love the button detail. Oh, and I really enjoyed the photos of your girls, they are growing up so fast!

  5. Too cute! Love the hats and the buttons really give them a lovely finish! Where can we get them?? I hope you sell them! Love the Shalom too! Great job on all your projects!!

  6. Loving the Shalom Jodie! It looks great on you.

  7. Love the buttons you have used. Really must get my act together and make me a Shalom, yours looks so lovely

  8. I love the buttons and flowers too, can you send me instructions for those flowers, the ones I do are not nearly as nice!


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