Friday, September 16, 2011

Art In Motion....

This week I've been hooking away on a couple of Queen Anne Scarves. I used the gorgeous Taiyo yarn by Noro which was a dream and they're now all finished, wrapped with a bow and ready for the giving...
I'm so thrilled I finally got some quality computer time this morning to upload what I have left in stock of the Noro Yarn onto my Website...
This stuff sells like hotcakes!!!!
And I can totally see why - it's like Art in motion when you're working with it. I love the colour changes and am always surprised at how they all just seem to work together.

Have you used Noro before??? What did you think of it???


  1. Love your Queen Anne scarves and the little cards too. I haven't used Noro before but it does look rather nice.

  2. The scarves look beautiful all ready to go.
    Love the gift tags, are they Red Tractor/Jam Tales designs?

  3. Love Noro! Each stitch is a work of art all by itself.
    I agree the color changes keep things interesting and fun! Your Queens make me want to pull out more Noro from the ole stash bucket. What beautiful gifts you've created. I too think your tea-pot tags are adorable.

  4. Love how you wrapped them up! So darling!

  5. After seeing your beautiful Taiyo Queen Anne's Lace scarf, I had to make one, also! I absolutely love it! Thanks for the inspiration.

    I have used Noro before, both Kureyon and Silk Garden and I prefer the feel of Taiyo, now that I've used it, because it is softer. I'd like to try Taiyo sock, next. I really enjoy working with Noro yarn!


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