Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Corner of My Home

Thanks to an early start to the warmer weather this year my beans and pumpkin are coming along nicely, flowering and already producing fruit...
garden 1
garden 2
Over the weekend I was extremely fortunate to attend a clearing sale not too far from home. There I scored a 7 piece Olive vinyl lounge suite for only $50 and its history intrigues me. So now it sits in my home and here's a picture of just 1 of the 7 pieces...
sale 1

On a wall in my study/office, a special corner of my home, this cosy seat sits. Many a sleepless night is spent in front of the computer here, where inspiration flows freely and motivation is abundant... Here I hope my new seat will find a well deserved home and although you can't see too much (and this pic may be a little blurred), from where I sit things sure do looks sweet....


  1. damn...I knew I'd miss out on some peeved we couldn't make it to that sale..grr...looks like you've scored really well, Jodie..your vegies are coming along nicely...

  2. Jealous! We cant get our summer vegies growing early here in Melbourne. Soon though.

  3. Our garden is coming to an end and yours is just starting. Sounds like you got a great deal on that furniture, what good fortune!

  4. wow...what a find Jodie! I am seeking a similar find, but haven't found 'it' yet!

  5. It is great to see your vegies doing so well Jodie! Let's hope the warm weather continues. Your new lounge looks very nice, I can picture a lovely crocheted cushion perched happily on that seat in your office.

  6. Jodi, just wanted to pop in again to tell you to be sure to take a minute and check out my post for today. I think you might like what you see since it is all about something neat in knitting. Have a good weekend. ♥

  7. Lucky You!! Not many clearing sales around here,all mining leases!

  8. LOVE the chair and can't wait to see the other 6 pieces! It is SO weird that our summer is winding down (it is Fall here) and yours is just arriving?) Amazing! I haven't been on here for a bit...I've been learning how to KNIT! I crochet and not anything complicated but always steered away from knitting but you and Laurie Perry, author of "Drunk, Divorced, and Covered in Cat Hair" have inspired me!!! I just finished my first scarf in Noro Transitions using some beautiful wooden needles also and it turned out great! I just placed another yarn and needle order for my next 2 projects! Thank you for your blog...we love the same things!!!!

  9. What a great buy... I'd love to know the history too. Great find Jodie.


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