Friday, September 30, 2011

Jewel Blue...

Today I sewed the buttons on the first of my Xmas gifts...

worsted 1

This little cardi was made using the super scrum-my Malabrigo Worsted in shade #32 - Jewel Blue and the pattern 'In Three's'. I've made the size 4/5 for my 5 year old Connie Girl and it's HUGE!!!! It will definitely fit her this time next year and this time the year after as well - that's for sure...

worsted 2

I also got the chance to pickle up some of those yummy beets from my last post.

beets 1

I simply chopped off the greens, leaving an inch still on the root and boiled the beets until they were tender.

beets 2

I then rubbed off the skins with a napkin and chopped off the inch of greens that I left on the top. While still hot I sliced my beets into wedges and stacked them into a sterilized jar where they sat while I prepared my brine...beets 3

To make the brine, bring 1/2 cup of white sugar, 1 cup of white vinegar, a few whole cloves, some peppercorns, a twill of Cinnamon and a little root ginger to the boil. Once boiling, turn off the heat and cover for 10mins. Strain the brine and pour it over the beet wedges in the jar and seal... beets 4

These are perfect to eat straight away or you could leave them in the pantry for a good couple of weeks for the flavours to infuse a little more...

What are you harvesting and preserving at your place this weekend???


  1. For some reason your posts have not been coming up in my reader? I love the delicious! They look super scrumptious and so big. Good on you for getting a head start on xmas its going to be here before we know it. Nasty snake too, doesn't that tell tale mark in the dirt give you the creeps!

  2. So pretty! I love the variation of blue denium in this yarn. What a great gift. And your beets, Yum! thanks for the recipe. I bet they taste wonderful.

  3. the new header on your blog looks sensational.
    that does it, i'm planting beetroot this weekend and when they are ready i'm going to use your recipe. In our garden i'm currently harvesting, silverbeet and bok choy and the ongoing shallots crop and a few passionfruit, and sharing my plentiful french lavender with the neighbours. Have a great weekend with your family. Jane x

  4. I still have a couple of bottles of beetroot hidden in the back of the pantry from last summer, they will be used shortly.
    The cardigan is so pretty and i do love the buttons. I have been wanting some pretty buttons for ages and can't seem to find any.

  5. love you header. we should have some cherry tomatoes real soon and we have italian parsley and basil right now. (small fry I know)

  6. Well done:) I really really must make a start on all things christmassy - have been told by the man of the house that Christmas has to be finished and wrapped by the 1st of Dec. Being that we pack up on the 6th I best not be stressing.

  7. Beets are so fun to do. Some people don't realize that they will turn the stool red and think they are bleeding internally, lol. (Leave it to a nurse to talk about poop, lol). I still have some that I canned 2 years ago (beets, not poop, lol), and the beet juice is great for making rosy pickled eggs too. Jodi your sweater is so pretty. My favorite color is blue. Your knitting stitches are so nice and neat!

  8. Hi Jodie!
    I am really missing Jelly wares. I just harvested my beetroots yesterday ( I have heaps). I had my first attempted at bottling. A simple recipe with brown vinger. It really is exciting and satisfying!
    Hope to head up oneday! Things have been so hectic!
    Love Hayley


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