Sunday, September 29, 2013

Pin Point....

I'm not sure if I can pin point just one single reason why I love a 'Clearing Sale'... Seeing rows upon rows of rusty old goodies, sheds filled with generations of farming wives treasures, furniture that oozes stories from a time long ago when money was tight and 'thrifting' was necessity (depression era furniture is my absolute favourite - seeing meat safes made from old wooden boxes, cupboards for kerosene tins, I love it!!!), catching up with friends, 
sale 1 
seeing my littlest people form new friendships - even if they're only for the day, the thrill of buying that special little (and big sometimes too) something that just can't be found in a shop, gorgeous food cooked by gorgeous women - slices and cakes and sandwiches, fresh picked fruit and the like!!!
sale 2 
We're lucky enough to be able to attend at least 1 Clearing Sale a month out here - some see us travelling for a good 1/2 a day to get there, while others can be just down the road.... I can safely say that over 75% of my home has been furnished and filled thanks to purchases I've made at Clearing Sales and each and every purchase has been remembered fondly!!

Preserves are a constant staple in the pantry of my home and over the past couple of months the shift towards sweet over savoury has seen me producing jam and marmalade over relish and pickles... My cumquat tree is a prolific producer and after gifting several kilo's to family and friends I picked 1 last big bucket for my family and set to making the cumquat marmalade recipe with my girls that I found over here!  
jam 3 
I loved the slowness of this recipe! Usually - in my kitchen anyway, it's all hands on deck as we slice and chop and cook up a storm to preserve what ever is in season on the farm at any particular time. But with this recipe you take it slow; an afternoon spent slicing, an afternoon soaking and simmering, and an afternoon finishing it all off... This recipe is now a new favourite and has been added to my trusty old 'cookbook' and I can't wait to revisit it when my cumquat's are in season again... I've also made a batch of strawberry jam - a real favourite!!

In my garden, hidden in a corner nearly forgotten about are a dozen potted plants... I'm not sure if you can remember, but back here I struck some cuttings of a tree call 'rose of sharon' in a pot of water on the window sill in my kitchen... About a month ago I potted them all up and left them in a sheltered spot in my garden, hoping for the best, and now they're nearly ready to be planted out - awesome!!!!  
plant 1 
Lastly, don't forget, sign-ups for my 'Spring Washer Swap' close on Tuesday so if you'd like to join pop on over to this post and leave a comment...

Here's the Washer I made for the Swap I currently have running on my Facebook page... 
swap details
I loved making this!!! This is a new crochet stitch/pattern to me and it was so nice learning something new for a change...


Have you ever been to a Clearing Sale??? Where? When? What did you buy?

Do you preserve?? What have you been making of late? Sweet? Savoury?

What's new in your garden this week??


  1. I have fond memories of my Dad coming home from clearing sales with many unusual items! My favorite was a raffle barrel..not sure what he thought he could turn that into!
    My house is full of stuff from auction sales..the city version! Been known to buy a whole box of junk just to get something I really loved...much to hubby's dismay.
    Ps. Looks like we buy our jam labels from the same place...😄

  2. I've only been to one clearing sale but I thoroughly enjoyed the whole atmosphere.
    We were on the search for furniture as the place inn Orange didn't have any built-in storage.
    We came back with wardrobes, a kitchen dresser, timber ladders and a desk.x

  3. Yep...I love clearing sales too..miss the ones out west...we went to one a fortnight ago not far from here and I scored a few bits and pieces..couple of cupboards for the sewing room and some vintage, rustic bits for the yard that I am so fond to have old stuff around the place...much more attractive than modern, cold, new stuff..the jam looks yummy...lots of marmalade being made here :)

  4. I love a clearing sale too Jodie, we went to a big one recently in Menindee & I came home with a lovely old iron bird cage which I put a potted succulent in. Life looks good at your place, happy school holidays xx

  5. HI Jodie...hope you scored some lovelies at the sale...haven't preserved much lately, made some lemon butter a couple of weeks ago in the microwave, which was wicked;) xo Suze.

  6. I love clearing sales too. My dad was a dal gets agent and an auctioneer, so I just love hearing the sound of the sale, oh and all the old treasures too of course. Dad was always knocking down gates for me. My garden is Springing into life at the moment, and I'm loving every minute plus 3 new baby canaries.

  7. In the states we would call this sort of thing an auction, where someone retires to a smaller home, sadly an assisted living facility or nursing home, or worse yet passes away. I have a few vintage things but have never been to an auction. I have a girlfriend who loves them and yes, will bid on a box just to get one item in it. I have made all sorts of jams and jellies, even apple, peach and pear butters. I always loved the "ping" of sealing lids when the jars cool down and the work is done. Made me always feel good that I could do things like this for my husband and girls. When winter rolled in we always had the best the garden could offer and knew it to be wholesome and good because God had blessed us with his bounty. So many people have no clue as to what they are missing when it comes to home grown and home canned fruits and veggies. I have a sil who use to say, "oh I wish I could make that." In my opinion she wasn't really interested or maybe she was just too lazy, who knows her real motive, but my reply to her was that I didn't know how to do a lot of these things either but if you can read instructions in a canning and freezing book then you can do it. Needless to say, she was always the first one to belly up to the table to eat what the rest of us worked ourselves to death making, lol. I still love her though, her heart was in the right place.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  8. I love a good clearing sale! I love the anticipation of looking at everything and finding treasures. My weirdest buy has been a huge weaving loom. It's in the shed at present but it will soon be moved in my new crocheting room for some TLC and so I can learn how to use it.


  9. When I was growing up we had a couple of clearing sales on our farm in Drouin (Gippsland, Victoria). It was so exciting seeing our farm transform with hundreds of people wanting to buy our "stuff". More recently my Mum and Dad had another final sale when they sold their farm and I went along to provide all the food. My children were all giddy with excitement over the process and the money they hoped to earn from helping!
    I'm hoping to preserve this summer when my tomatoes ripen. I make tomato relish every year (my secret ingredient in my sausage rolls). The blackberries should be ready in a few more weeks and I'll be freezing them for pies and making some jam too. I get about 20kg off of the 1 plant. It's so good!
    New in my garden this week is, tomatoes, potatoes, capsicum, chilli, beetroot, corn and butter beans. We are on school holidays (I homeschool) and it's just the start of our season for planting the vegies.
    I only just came across your blog last week and remember passing through Cobar a couple of years ago on our family trip around Australia. I have a photo of my 5 children in the town spelling out the word "Cobar" with their bodies!
    I love the photo of your girls in that red dirt (which is everywhere) and your little guy is just precious!


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