Thursday, September 19, 2013

Shearing and Rain....

We've been shearing here this week, definitely one of my most favourite times of year by a long shot...
So with the smell of Lanolin still fresh in the air I'm itching to place an Order with Malabrigo for some more yummy Sock and Arroyo yarns... Before I do I thought I'd offer a 30% discount off each yarn for anyone interested in Pre-Ordering.... To Pre-Order simply email me,, (or comment below) the shade(s) and quantity that you'd like. 

Normally $28, PRE-ORDER Sale Price $19.60!!!! 

You will not need to make payment until your Order is ready to be posted out from me in Australia - approx 3 weeks. Postage is $8.95 for up to 5 skeins or $13.95 for up to 15 skeins to anywhere in Australia. 

Pictured below from left to right (top to bottom) are the Arroyos shades available for Pre-Order; Archangel, Prussia Blue, Fresco y Seco, Marte, Purpuras, Natural, Indiecita, Sandbark, Reflecting Pool, Pocion, Vaa, Volcon, Plomo, English Rose, Azules, Arco Iris.
Pictured below are the Sock shades available for Pre-Order and from left to right (top to bottom) they are; Abril, Impressionist Sky, Lettuce, Indiecita, Ochre, Light of Love, Natural, Violeta Africana, Archangel, Cote d'azure, Terracota, Tiziano Red, Ravelry Red, Arco Iris, Eggplant, Marte.
And because its been so dry round these parts for far too long I thought I'd share a picture of the view from our dog kennels from earlier this week when we received a very welcomed 34mm of rain in a couple of hours bringing with it plenty of run off... A saving grace for us here on the farm as many dams were starting to dry up.... 
I so hope that if you needed rain at your place it came down for you too... :)


  1. How exciting! Sheep shearing! I bet you guys never have chapped skin! LOL! The yarns are would be hard to chose. It's supposed to rain here tomorrow and that will be nice as I'm getting tired of watering every day and I'm ready for Fall and for Summer to be gone! I like the cooler temps and I get more work done outside then.

  2. Our summer has been nothing but rain. It was suppose to start raining again this afternoon but we have yet to see one drop. I suppose it will come around later this evening when it gets dark. I am sure you were so happy to get the much needed moisture for your land and your thriving garden. I have hated the hot humid weather this summer but now kinda sad that the Fall season is here already by this weekend. So much I have missed since my husband passed in January. Life has sure changed for me, no garden or all the work that comes with the harvesting of the veggies. I have done canning and freezing for over 41 years. I just didn't have time to mess with a garden when I barely have enough time to keep the grass mowed after all the rain, lol. Your yarn is lovely. I wish I could come and handle it. I don't have a yarn shop close to me anymore, it has been years since my friend closed her shop. I loved it there! Have a good weekend. Oh, so sorry to hear about you having medical issues and hope you are doing better and mending nicely.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  3. Two great things in the outback Jodie...shearing and rain! Lovely wool too x

  4. glad you got a good fall of rain........much more then us........always love kids in woolshed shots.........


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