Monday, September 30, 2013

Learning New things....

I must admit, I fell into a bit of a rut before I closed the doors on my little ol' shop in Cobar town just over 6 months ago. I'm not exactly sure why it happened, guess it was an accumulation of several things but one thing I do know - I was simply 'burnt out'!!!

It feels so good to SLOW things down, breath again so to speak! Get out and smell the roses, play in the dirt with my kids and learn new things - something I haven't had the desire to do (if I'm totally honest) for far too long...

These past couple of weeks in the evenings, when all my little people are snug in their beds (sometimes asleep), I've been searching... And searching.... And searching... For some form of chevron colour-worked crochet type pattern but do you think I could find one - ANYWHERE!!!???? Well I couldn't!!! So, that got me thinking - why can't I simply make a pattern up myself???

A few YouTube video's later and the help of this amazing lady and her super handy graph paper and I have now completed my very first piece of 'Tapestry Crochet'!!!

What do you think???!!??? (it's a washer for my 'Spring Washer Swap', don't forget sign-up's close tonight - I'd love you to join!)
chevron 1 
I feel invigorated, inspired, refreshed, recharged!!! I can't remember the last time I got this involved with a craft that it totally engulfed me and it fells amazing... I can't learn enough!!! I'm now planning my next piece, with the help of my 7yr old daughter - she's thinking SPOTS...

And because my days are filled with many other things I thought I'd share a picture of what we harvested and preserved today - bulls blood beets... This is by far one of my all time favourite pantry staples. I dread the moment when I reach for the last jar of beets, usually months away from the next growing season. This year I'm trying my hardest to have a regular crop of this gorgeous root to keep me preserving for as long as I can - I'm stocking up!!!
blood beets

Have you learnt something new lately? Something that totally engulfed you??

Have you ever heard of 'Tapestry Crochet'?? 

What are you harvesting on this last day of September? 

What's your favourite preserve? Do you like pickled beets as much as me??


  1. Well done Jodie! I feel like I've only just cracked reading a crochet pattern, let alone making one.
    My head is rather full of everyday things at the moment so I don't often get the feeling I want to do more but I love that feeling you get when you do :)

  2. Hi Jodie your work is beautiful...I love the colours that you have chosen. Have you seen Jules work at Little Woollie as she is also doing similar work. I have attached a link to her blog for you to have a look.
    Cheers Anne:)

    1. Thanks Anny!!! I'm off to check out your link.. :)

  3. Love, love pickled beets and I was the only one in this family to love them. When I would empty the jar (I always saved the pickling juice in it) I would boil some eggs and after they cooled I would peel them and drop them into the beet juice. Put the lid on and the jar in the fridge.... Rosy pickled eggs in about 3 days. Yummy!
    (((HUGS))) Susanne

  4. Looks crazy good, I love pickled beets! This reminds me of the time I used to cook all the time at home, before I got too busy managing a Chinese Restaurant in Capalaba area. Please post a recipe for the pickled beets, thanks!

  5. Your beets look tasty!

    I'm keen to learn tapestry crochet, it allows for heaps more options with designing crochet pieces. Here's a scarf I made using a similar technique >>>



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