Saturday, September 21, 2013

SPRING Washer Swap 2013....

Sign-Ups' are now CLOSED!!!
washer swap
Can you believe that it's already 3 weeks into Spring!!!

My first round of Spring plantings are soaring along and today while I tinkered in my garden, planning and planting my next round of seeds, I thought it was high time I hosted another little Spring themed Swap - has it really been 3 years since my last swap, WOW!!!

For this Swap you will be making 1 x washer (out of cotton) and posting it off to your partner accompanied by some yummy vegetable seeds (saved from your garden is fine as long as it's something that can be planted as soon as it's received)... You don't need to be experienced to enter this swap and I am more than happy to host a few 'how-to' posts for people out there wanting to learn the art of knitting/crochet as well as some links to my favourite washer patterns, both knit and crochet... 

 So, if you'd like to join just leave a comment (with email address) and I'll email everyone interested with more details when sign-up's close... 

 Sign-Up's close Tuesday the 1st of October and you'll have until the 15th to get your parcel in the post...

p.s... this is a separate Swap to my one running on Facebook...


  1. I'd love to join in Jodie.
    I must admit i'm only a basic knitter and haven't done much crochet before, but count me in.

  2. Hi Jodie,

    I would definitely like to take part in this swap.

    The past swaps have been awesome.

    Email: hannahsmumsews@

  3. Hi Jodie, I love everything about your blog. I would love to participate but I live in California, if that works that would be great. I have some wonderful green onion seeds that I gathered myself last year and they did fantastic in my garden this year.

    I think what I like most about reading your blog, is our seasons are exact opposites. My garden is coming to an end and we are harvesting the last of our tomatoes, pumpkins and peppers.

    My e-mail is

    Thanks, Karen

  4. This would be a great swap Jodie...but I do live in Alabama USA, if that is not a problem...I love making dish cloths, wash cloths and face cloths...I crochet most of mine, but can knit simple ones as well.

  5. Hi I am keen to participate in this swap as well
    Thanks Jodie

  6. Hi Jodie,
    Sounds like fun, I'd love to join in. Thanks :)
    My email:

  7. Count me in. I loved our last swap.
    Not sure how seeds go being posted o/s though?

    beccisund(at)yahoo(dot)com (dot)au

  8. Hi Jodie,
    I would like to take a part of your swap, but I am not only beginner in crocheting, I am from Europe as well. For me it's not a problem to ship International,so I hope it will be possible to find me a pair (some beginner like me) :)

    Greetings from Autumn,

  9. Ps. didn't mention in previous comment, but my email is zane. sproge at gmail

  10. Hi Jodie
    Can I join this swap too?
    My email is
    Justine xxx

  11. Hi there Jodie - I'd like to join in on your spring washer swap too! Thanks!


  12. This sounds like fun...I'm just getting into crotchet cloths

  13. This sounds like fun...I'm just getting into crotchet cloths

  14. Hi Jodie, I'd love to join in your swap, I've been getting into tapestry crochet recently too, I love your chevron pattern, I have been making a harlequin pattern and a spotty one, and I have the graph paper out making up a new one tonight, it is kind of addictive ! My email is littlewoollie@hotmail .com


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