Saturday, October 12, 2013

A Good Swap...

I love me a good Swap!!!!

Right from the get-go I get super excited about Swaps - I love finding out who my partner is, it's kinda like meeting a friend for the first time but you already know you have something in common, that always makes for an instant connection, right??! 
I love looking for the perfect pattern and then searching for just the right yarn to make it with. 
I love wrapping it up, picking out the perfect card and then posting it off - I'm always eager for the postman to deliver it ASAP!!!! 
I love hearing from my partner, imagining the smile on her face as they unwrapped my parcel for the first time - it's at this point that I totally forget that I too have a parcel making its way to me from someone, somewhere. 
I love collecting the mail and finding a plump little parcel waiting for me. My name is always handwritten on it in a way that tells me 'this must be from that Swap, it just must be'!!! 
I love tearing into my parcel, carefully of coarse, to reveal something that has been made by someone else's hands especially for me. 
And last but not least.... I love contacting my partner, full of excitement and appreciation, to thank them for taking the time to make me something as special and beautiful as they have...

This past couple of weeks has seen me host a simple 'Washer Swap' over on my Facebook page for a small group of like minded women (10 to be exact). Last night (our bush mail-man comes late on a Friday arvo) I was lucky enough to receive my gorgeous parcel from my partner Sharon and what can I say - it's just PERFECT!!!!!
swap 3 
Here's the washer that I sent out to my partner (for those interested)... This was one of the most enjoyable things I've worked on in a long time and I'm so thrilled that my partner loved it too...
swap details
So, as you can see, I love everything about a good Swap, from the signing-up right down to the contact made with partners at the very end...

Do you like joining in with Swap's too??

What's your favourite part of a good Swap?

note : : don't forget that the deadline for posting out  for my 'Spring Washer Swap' is this coming Tuesday (for those who joined back here of-coarse).


  1. And how do you find out who your partner is? or is no one willing to swap with California?

    1. Sorry Sequoia - this round of the Swap is for Australia only as it's too expensive to post OS. Would you be interested in a one on one Swap with me instead. Email me at if you are... :)

  2. it's a roller coast of good emotions making a swap present.............nice washers.............

    1. Thanks Donna!!! I always loved joining in with your fantastic Xmas Swap... :) :)


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