Thursday, October 24, 2013

HORRIBLE!!! (and a 'winner' too)

The view from our schoolroom window yesterday was HORRIBLE!!! There was dust and wind and all manner of things YUCK happening out there that made for a good excuse to be inside for a change - that's my Connie girl peering out the window...
dust storm 
But thankfully by the end of the day the wind had stopped and the dust had dropped and we were able to get out and enjoy a few of the things we love... Playing in the dirt and tending to the girls (our chooks) and counting all the new baby calves (yes, we have loads of them 'dropping' at the moment - more on that later) and poking about in the garden and dotting on baby kittens, I could go on and on....
And a bike ride to finish off the day was just perfect...
mail 2
Today in my garden I'm noticing how much these gorgeous 'brown mignonette' (I think that's right) lettuce have been growing... These seeds were saved from a friends garden years ago and are a real delight to see popping up in mine this year.
And I'm super excited that my heirloom grape vine cuttings are finally getting some legs!
Last, but not least, the WINNER of the little give-away I was running last week is Tracy from Sunny Corner Farm....
give-away 1
Can you please email me your address Tracy and I'll pop your favourite 'Dotty' washers in the post tomorrow when I'm in town... :)


  1. Lovely post Jodie...crazy weather though isn't it? Boiling hot on Sunday, now today it is almost cold and of course windy and dusty!? Your grapevine cuttings look promising, years of shade and green coolness to come hopefully :)

    1. Thanks Jane! It sure is crazy weather. it's fresh here today and windy again - not as much dust thank goodness..

      How are your grape vine cuttings coming along?

      Take Care :)

  2. Loving Tobie's cankles!!!

    1. I know Christine - I could just eat them all up... ;)

  3. What a crazy week it's been weatherwise! Almost 40 degrees on Monday and scrambling for jumpers today! Now if only there was a little rain thrown in.....:)

    1. It sure has been crazy weather Kate!!! I was in jeans and long sleeve shirt all day today - crazy! I'm hanging for some rain, would be simply perfect! :)

      Thanks for popping by... xx

  4. Beautiful shots of life on the farm


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