Thursday, October 31, 2013

Made-By-Hand : : A Blanket cont....

I'm playing along with Christina's 'Made By Hand' meme again this week.... 

I've been slowly making progress on my Xmas blanket for Tobie....
blanket 2 
As much as I wanted to go with the ombre of blues I ended up sticking with my 3 original shades... 
blanket 1 
And love it all the same. This is such a great project to work on when I need to unwind - sitting on the front verandah, watching the world pass me by, with my kid-lids at (and around) my feet... 
blanket 3 
Tonight, I'm keeping the menu for dinner super easy - we're having 'fake-out'!! Hot Chips and Burgers... 

These are the best chips ever and so simple to make that I find myself whipping them up for my family at least once a week and they all love them, a lot!!!!

I peel (but you don't have to) and chop 3-4 large potatoes. I'm lucky enough to have some gorgeous spuds that I purchased at the latest 'Dubbo Farmer's Markets' in my pantry at the moment and they are simply dreamy and super creamy!!! But, any old spud will do! 

Line a dish with baking paper and add your chopped spuds. Drizzle over 2 tablespoons of olive oil, sprinkle on some salt and cracked pepper and add a small handful of freshly chopped Sage. Mix well and bake for 30mins in a hot oven - approx 220'C.
chips 1 
You'll end up with something that looks something like this...
chips 2 
The spuds end up super crunchy and the sage goes all crispy and yummy. These are super delicious by themselves or serve them with some salad and some protein and you're on to a winner...

And just because - today in the schoolroom we worked on tessellating patterns and I'm totally loving my Connie girls interpretation of this unit....
Her creative mind blows my mind... 


What are you crushing on at the moment?
Are you a fan of 'fake-out' or do you prefer to buy the real thing?
Are your kids blowing your mind at the moment also?


  1. Oh those chips look delicious Jodie! Every now and then one or other of my children surprise me with their dry sense of humour at the moment. They are both really stretching their own personalities...lovely and just a little frustrating all in the same moment some days!

    1. Thanks Kate!

      I love a good 'dry sense of humour' - how cute!!!

      Thanks for popping by... :)

  2. Beautiful blanket...those chips sure look tasty!

  3. Living on a sheep station in the middle of nowhere we did ''fake out'' all the time... picnic's on the lounge room floor with Mum and Dad were always a big hit for us too... now the kids have grown up and moved out and we have recently sold the sheep station and moved to a 5 acre block we still do "fake out" as we still live too far away from the shops and we are just use to doing it... last night we had homemade "fake out" pizza... gorgeous rug to Jodie... love the home schooling photo's bring back memories for me even though I didn't enjoy teaching the kids at all xxxx

  4. I prefer fake-out, and so does my wallet. Sweet potato chips are a favourite here.
    The blanket is coming along nicely. x

  5. Lovely stuff Jodie! Another great use for sage too!

    We prefer fake out in the form of homemade lamb yiros, pizza, lamb burgers, tacos and chips similar to yours. So much better than expensive, greasy food and also a necessity with no shops around the corner.

    Have a lovely feels like it is going to be a warm one in outback NSW! x

  6. I'm a fan of the fake out, homemade chips are tasty!

    Your blanket is coming along nicely, the colour repetition looks good.


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