Thursday, October 3, 2013

32nd B'day!!!!

Today I'm celebrating my 32nd b'day, hanging out with my gorgeous family putting the finishing touches on a special kind of 'refurbishment'.... You see, I have these girls, they're kind of special to me, each and every day they take my kitchen waste, the stuff that would normally end up in the rubbish bin, and they turn it into the most spectacular of things - fresh, delicious, creamy, golden eggs...
coop 1 
But, they have this home, it's a little worse for wear - so, when DH asked me what I wanted for my b'day this year the answer was easy, a new home for my special girls!!! As a family we searched through our paddocks for just the right posts, rummaged through our scrap yard for the perfect second-hand mesh and tinkered and tapped until everything fit just right...
coop 2
And all the while we did it together as a family - something that I'll remember for years to come I'm sure... 
coop 3
The perfect kind of day and I was lucky enough that it was my b'day too.. 

Harvested from my garden this afternoon was the first of my leeks!!! I've tried for years to grow this elusive vegetable and for some reason or another I've failed miserably!!! But, this year they're actually growing!! Not sure what I've done differently but what ever it is/was it's working...
And yes - I'm still hooked on the tapestry crochet from back in my last post and the past couple of days have seen me making this paper doll washer,
and this 'spotty' washer (both designed by my 7yr old, Connie - awesome hey??)...
spots 1
note : : both washers were made using 8ply cotton...


What are you harvesting this week??

Are you working on anything new?? How 'bout refurbishing something that's a little old and worn out??? 

I'd love to hear all about it...


  1. Happy bday! Oh, it looks so nice where you live. I am working on another ripple stitch blanket and I am about to start a huge crochet project for a friend of mine!

    1. Thanks Esther!!! Your new 'huge' crochet project sound simply divine - what a lucky friend you have... :)

  2. happy birthday.........still waiting for my chookyard renos to be finished...........lucky you.....have a great day..........

    1. Thanks Donna!!! Feeling very spoilt - that's for sure... :)

  3. Happy Birthday Jodi! I bet those hens are so happy to have some improvements to their living quarters. I always wanted some hens, but we never did anything about it....fresh eggs would have been nice.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

    1. Thanks Susanne!!! My hens are very happy...

      Big Hugs... xx

  4. Hi Jodie, happy belated birthday! What a great way to spend the day, I sure your chooks will be very happy in their renovated house.

    Your leeks look lovely have you cooked/used them?

    This week I am harvesting asparagus, the tail end of my broccoli and plenty of leafy greens. Have a lovely weekend x

    1. Thanks Jane!!!

      We simply fried them up (slightly) with butter and garlic and tossed them trough some home-made pasta - simple but absolutely delicious!! Have you grown leeks before??

      What you are harvesting at your place sounds divine!! I bet your garden is glad to have you back home after your holiday... :)

      Take Care...


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