Friday, November 8, 2013

made-by-hand : : snow flakes

I'm joining in with Christina's made-by-hand 'meme' again this week...

With less than a couple of months til Xmas, this week I made a start on some crochet ornaments...
stars 2
With only 3 rounds in each they were a super quick project, taking less than 10mins each!
stars 3 
So, I've been thinking.... This year I might just have to add one of these super cute little ornaments to my Xmas cards when I send them out to share the love...
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Have you started thinking about your Xmas card's for 2013 yet? Do you even send out cards? 
What about Xmas crafts.... Have you made a start on any of them yet???

Here's the details for my 'snow flakes' - just in case you're interested...
stars 4
Have a gorgeous weekend... :)


  1. I'm planning on knitting stars this year also and using as gift wrapping adornments and maybe turning some into garlands. Hoping to make washers for teacher gifts also. Love, love, love Christmas craft with the children and Christmas baking - oh the smell of gingerbread men and spice cookies filling the house in December is just divine (and the dried fruit soaking in preparedness for making the annual Christmas Fruit Cake). And I tend to spend a hideous amount of money on all the Christmas edition magazines!!!!

  2. These are lovely! What weight / composition of yarn and hook size did you use? I made some tonight, but they look much less defined and more fluffy than yours!

    1. Thanks!!!

      LOL - the details for yarn, hook and pattern are all written on the last picture in this post... :)
      Let me know if you can't read it and I'll make the writing bigger..

      Take Care... :)

  3. These are just so cute! Thank you for the info for the pattern for these.

  4. Jodie these are so cute. and the prefect little accompaniment to a chrissy card.
    Seems these snow flakes also make good kitten toys. x

  5. Those look lovely. I have used your star pattern for a couple of years now they make great garlands, made one last year with vintage colors and bells looking forward to getting it out soon! Maybe I will give the snowflakes a go. Thanks.

  6. Your snowflakes look good Jodie! I've got some Christmas decoration crochet planned, I just need to start it.

    I started writing Christmas cards last year, I found it was a great opportunity to say thanks. I'll be doing it again this year too. :)


  7. That´s really cute. Congratulation.


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