Thursday, November 21, 2013

Xmas Themed Swap!! (sign-up's)

I'm joining in with Christina's made-by-hand 'meme' again this week and have loved putting the finishing touches on this new washer for a Swap that I've been part of...
2nd swap 
I've also been whipping up a few of these super cute Xmas-y stars (kits can be found here). 
kit 5 
So, with all of the Xmas craft ideas buzzing around in my head of late it got me thinking - I'd love to do a little 'Xmas Themed Swap', what do you think?? If you'd like to join in, here are the details....

Jellywares Xmas Swap Guidelines

For this Swap you will be making 1 cotton washer and and 1 Xmas Ornament!!!

Your Washcloth: 
Each participant is required to crochet or knit 1 washcloth. 
Cloths are to measures between 6x6 and 9x9 inches square or 6 to 9 inches in diameter. 
Label each cloth with maker and care instructions - f
eel free to include yarn and pattern info.
Affix your label to your washer with a safety pin or tie it on.

- 100% Cotton or cotton blend yarn – 100% cotton yarn is awesome and is used often for dish/washcloths. Blends are great too but they need to be at least 50% cotton.
- Linen and hemp yarn – These yarns are yummy and last FOREVER. Feel free to use these yarns too.
- No boucle yarns – This stuff is awesome but not for dishcloths. It’s spun a little to loosely to take the abuse that dish/washcloths tend to take. Save this yummy stuff for hats and baby blankets!
- Worsted or DK weight yarns make very scrubalicious washcloths. They clean well and they rinse and dry well too.
- Colours – Gooooooo nuts! Solids! Variegated! Striped! Neutrals! Brights! Muted! It’s all good!!!
- Patterns – Have fun here and why not try something that you've never done before!

Your Ornament:
- this can be made from any material/medium that you choose.
- there are no restrictions with the size or dimension of your ornament, it is totally up to you!

The Actual Swapping:
- Sign-Up's close on the 1st of December.
- You have until the 15th of December to get everything all wrapped up and posted out to your partner..
- You MUST message me once your washer has been sent so that your partner can be notified.
- You also MUST message me once you have received a Washer. 
- After you have made your Washer please take a picture and share it with me via email. 
- After you receive a Washer you MUST take a picture and share it with me via email as well.

The goal of this swap is to produce and receive little pieces of fibre art. Use beautiful yarns, colour combinations, and patterns.
Don’t feel pressured to use teensy little crochet cotton. Thicker cottons like Cascade Sierra, Debbie Bliss DK Cotton, and Malabrigo Organic Cotton make great washcloths. Have fun!

Postage + Envelope: 
To keep the cost down with this Swap you will only be sending 1 washer and 1 small ornament and you will be able to fit it into a large envelope for Postage that should not exceed $3!
You are more than welcome to add a little card for your partner but that is totally up to you and not compulsory

Lastly, to join in with this Xmas Swap simply comment on this blog post and email your address to


  1. Me too please, sounds like lots of fun. Sending email now

  2. Yes please.. I LOVE your swaps...sending email now

  3. Oh Jodi, love that star ornament with the red polka dot button! I think the swap is a fantastic idea.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  4. I <3 Xmas!! Count me in. Emailing now :)

  5. yup I'm in. love a good xmas swap.need to get a little hooky time in
    Cheers Monique

    1. AWESOME!!! Thanks for joining in with the 'swapping' fun Monique... :)

  6. count me in, i have sent you an email too.

  7. Oooh, this sounds like fun! Signing up & sending you an email now :)

    1. AWESOME!!! Super excited to have you joining in Mel... xx

  8. I would like to join in. Email coming.

  9. Please count me in.Sending the email to you now :)

    1. Wonderful Fran!!! Great to have you joining in too... :)

  10. Replies
    1. Sure thing Kimberley... :)

      Send me an email with your details and you can join in for sure..

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  12. Sounds like great fun! Would love to join in :)
    Thanks Vanessa Kind

  13. Can I play too? Sending email now!

  14. Email sent to you as I would love to play. Thanks to Mel for alerting me via her blog. So please may I play?

    1. Fantastic - so glad to have you joining in too Suze... :)

  15. Oh no, I missed this one. I guess I will just have to be own swap buddy.

  16. Hi There,
    I just stumbled across your blog on Pinterest. LOVE IT!! I will be putting you onto my blog fav's over on my blog.
    It is a shame I missed the wash cloth swap. What a fantastic idea. I will have to keep an eye out next year and try and join in.


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