Tuesday, November 19, 2013


I can't stop thinking about Xmas lately and am super excited to be introducing the 'Elf on the Shelf' tradition into our home this year.... The excitement will begin on the 1st of December and I'll be sure to fill you all in on our adventures with our little elf as they happen! 

Do you have any particular Xmas traditions that you like to do as a family? Tree up on the 1st of December? Advent Count Down? Decorating your home - inside or/and out? I'd love it if you shared them with me... :)

In the mean time I've been hooking up a treat, making little ornaments to adorn our 'stick' Xmas tree that takes pride of place in the middle of our dinning table over the Xmas period. 
crochet ornaments 2 
This little pattern was super easy and each ornament took no longer than 15mins each. 
crochet ornaments 1 
I'm using some gorgeous new 4ply cotton and a 3mm hook for these ornaments and if you'd like the pattern the details are complimentary with each cotton yarn purchase... 
4ply cotton 
So, if you'd like some of this gorgeous cotton yarn to make some Xmas-y themed ornaments of your very own you can simply send me an email to jellywares@bigpond.com or pop onto my Facebook page here! note : : stocks are limited!

I couldn't help but share this picture with you all?!! 
connie 1
My eldest girl, Connie, helping out in the sheep yards this week with her favourite cat 'Foxy'.... I sure do love this girl to bits!

So..... Have you made a start on your Xmas crafting??

** red cotton now SOLD OUT!**


  1. Love your ornaments. I buy new winter jammies for everyone, and we open then up on Christmas Eve. We have many traditions here.

    1. Thanks Kristina!!! I love the Xmas Eve PJ idea, might have to add that to my tradition list too - with Summer PJ's for us instead of Winter of-coarse...)

      Thanks for popping by... :)

  2. We also do the jammies on Christmas Eve and stay in them all day on Christmas Day. My mother in law made ornaments for everyone in the family. When she passed away, I took over the tradition. My kids all look forward to them.

    1. What a gorgeous tradition you have carried on of your mother in laws - I love hand made ornaments! xx

  3. I don't think you should put the tree up before the 1st unless it is close the the weekend before it........just secret santa projects happening here at the moment...............

    1. I'm with you on no tree up before the 1st of December Donna!!! :)

      I love your Secret Santa Swap and can't wait to see what all your 'swappers' have crafted up for their partners this year... xx

  4. Elf on a shelf was started last year for my grandson but I know he was not even a year old yet and so he had no clue. We always celebrated Christmas on Christmas Day because our oldest was born on Christmas Eve and we never put the tree up till that evening. When she got in Jr. High she told us to put the tree up sooner cause all her friends had their trees up. I never took the tree down until a couple of weeks into January. So many times we never got snow until after Christmas was over. It felt more like the holiday with snow on the ground.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  5. We do stockings every year even though all my children are grown...every year they remind me not to forget the stockings! Plus we play dirty Santa every year at our big family Christmas get together...a very pretty set of ornaments.

    1. many, many, MANY years ago my parents told me that Santa would always visit as long as we believed in him. I suspect this was a ploy to make sure that the older kids didn't ruin Christmas for the younger kids (there's a 9 year age gap).
      To this day I believe in Santa and a stocking goes up at my parents' house on Christmas Eve...and Santa brings us our presents.
      As an added bonus for my parents if we ever got something we didn't like (or didn't get something we did want), they would just refer the complain to Santa.

  6. I have a few things that I like to do over and over again, though I'm not sure if they're traditions!
    We put a real Christmas tree up on the weekend closest to December 1st as possible (and that's when the Christmas decorations go up, too).
    We visit Santa at Myer.
    I make jam and other tasties for Christmas gifts for my extended family.
    We go to the local Carols by candlelight.
    And, on the night before Christmas, we read The Night Before Christmas.

    I think I love Christmas just a little bit too much...


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