Instant Knitting Gratification!!!!! My gloves are finished !!!! What do you think?
I have decided to give my knitting needles a rest for a couple of days, maybe a week, and try to focus on another one of my passions. I'm thinking primitive embroidery or quilting. I have just bought the latest Homespun magazine and am itching to get into something using a needle and thread. I'll post my pattern later on this arvo....


  1. hey there,
    WOW...fantastic job on the gloves... I am really goin to follow ur lead and make a is sooo cold here now u wouldnt believe it.... I love love LOVE the rustic look of the sepia pix...well done...that is definately one for the scrapbook.

    I am also loving all of ur fantastic has opened up my world to inspiration and craftiness....

    love u

    luv Abby

  2. Hi Ab,
    Good to hear that you're going to make a pair of these gloves too! I absolutly love them, they're doing a great job of keeping my hands warm as it's getting really cold here too.

    I added a heap more weblinks yesterday afternoon I'm glad you like.

    Love JoJo


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