Belated Flashback Friday #3

A BIG sorry goes out to everyone for the lateness of this post. I know that it is called Flashback Friday not Flashback Saturday but quite a few things have popped up over the last 36 hours that have needed my urgent attention. One being that one of my ewe's (sheep) had twins first thing Friday morning and abandoned them both. I've been bottle feeding one and the other has been getting fed through an eye dropper as she has not taken to the teat at all. So without any further adue, I give you my picture.....I was taken in 1983. I can't remember much about when this picture was taken just that we were in Sydney at the time having a little bit of a holiday visiting my Nanna. I'm the one in the red tights and grey pinny, once again made by the loving hands of my talented mother. The three other children in the picture are my sisters and brother and the man pushing us is my Dad.

I'm happy to report that I'm an auntie for the 3rd time around. My sister in law gave birth to a healthy baby boy weighing 7"5' at 3am on Wednesday morning. She's arriving home tomorrow so I just can't wait to see her new little bundle of joy. She had to have the baby in Sydney as our local hospital no longer has the facilities to deliver babies. This is such a pity but is becoming more and more common in small country towns throughout NSW.


  1. Hi there. Found you thru the 4 seasons quilt swap. Just wanted to say HI. Love your blog btw :)

  2. hey jojo,
    I luv ur flashback fridays soooo many memories.... dont u just luv the track suit and skivvy look I have goin on in this one...
    luv Abby

  3. Cute flashback. I have so many old photos, I'll have to dig one up for my blog too.

  4. what a cute family photo and what a disaappointment that country ladies have to come to sydney just to have a baby! how ridiculous!!!!!

  5. are you saying that Dubbo cant/wont deliver now? outside problem births that is?
    OMG I had Son 1 there as they had no second doctor to act as anethesist in Cobar at that time but the other 4 were were born there(Cobar),Hubby reackons it slipping behind as the Gov ploughs money into Aged care instead!
    Are you going to treat us a piccie of the new arrivals?

  6. I was wondering where your pic got to. Lovely photo and worth the wait. Good to see you can't take the country out of your dad even though he was in Sydney. (Flanellette Shirt I'm refering to)
    Congrats to your sister in law.

  7. Thanks for popping in Niki. I can't wait to get started on the 4 seasons swap, not long to go now. I'll have to pop over and give you a visit.

    Hi Ab,
    Yeah! You even match your little brother... Now isn't that sweet.LOL!!!

    Hi Marisa,
    Definately! It would be great to see a flashback on your blog this Friday. It's such a good excuse to have a walk down memory lane, you'll really love it.


  8. Hi Corrie,
    Tell me about it!!! There really is something wrong with the health system these days.

    Hi Fiona,
    I felt so bad that my pic was late, I guess you get that on the big jobs (lol). You're spot on about Dad, you definately can't take the country out of him. He's still the same way to this day, only he's upgraded the flanny's to RMWilliams shirts.


  9. Hi Cathie,
    Dubbo still delivers but alot of people are opting for Bourke hospital instead, better doctors and nurses so they reackon and it's only 160km's away instead of 300km's to Dubbo.
    I had my daughter in Cootamundra, that's where my mum is living now, it was only 500km's away and I was there well before I went into labour so I was lucky.
    My sister in law had low iron levels 2 weeks before she was due so they opted for Sydney over Bourke or Dubbo at the last minute as a precaution. My 3 other sibling and I were all born in Cobar hospital and I would love to have my next child, if I ever have one, there aswell. Our town has a population of 5k people with numerous births every year surely the government could put some of that aged care money into our maternity ward!!!
    O.K. I've had my little winge now... I'll post a pic of my new baby tomorrow, I ended up loosing one after all of that.


  10. Well that makes you and your siblings "Iron Ringers!!!"
    I was born in Bourke,my H in Cobar, all but 1 of my 5 sons were born in Cobar, the 1st in Dubbo as I said before,The Doctor who delivered the last 3 featured on 4 Corners last year about the plight of Rural Doctors!His name is Dr Coleman and hes moved to Sydney due to work pressures and for his kids education!
    On the Sheep side ,My Mum has announced the arrival and continued survival of a black and white super fine merino girl lamb at Dunlop and they are on strict instructions to look after her as I want to get a fleece off her!! Cant wait to see your baby!

  11. I hope you have the super bestest time ever. I lived in Newcastle a long long time ago , far too long for any of the shops I knew to still be running. Have fun and i am sure all your animals will be fine in your neighbours care.


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