Last Friday a gorgeous friend popped by my shop for a bit of 'knitting time' and with her bought the most delicious shortbread I'd ever tasted.....
shortbread 1
Kylie, your shortbread's are amazing and thank-you so very much for sharing your super simple recipe with me..... I made my first batch this morning, adding passion-fruit butter to half and orange jam to the other half - they are absolutely D E L I C I O U S !!!!!

So, here's the basic recipe for the shortbread and you can add anything you like to the middle of them for extra flavour.

Kylie's Shortbread
Blend 1 cup of plain flour, 1/2 cup of icing sugar and 1/2 cup of butter with a dough hook in a mix-master (I use a kenwood chef) until it all comes together like a dough.... Press teaspoons of the mixture into a mini muffin tin. I used the point-y end of a wooden spoon to poke holes in the middle of my shortbread, approx 3/4 of the way down. Fill this up with jam, chocolate, curd, fruit, nuts etc, this is totally up to your taste! Bake at 170'C for 20mins or until shortbread is browned all the way around the edges. Remove from oven and leave in pan for 5 mins before turning out to cool on a wire rack....


  1. I love shortbread and this recipe sounds simply delicious and one I'll be trying, thank you for sharing it with us. x

  2. Thanks for this. I have kids who are allergic to nuts and eggs so I'm always on the lookout for something new and delicious!

  3. Those sound seriously easy and delicious - maybe I'll whip some up for the father's birthday this weekend?

  4. Thanks for sharing this recipe! I like the idea of using the 'butters' in them too!

  5. I have just made a double batch of these babies & all I can say is they should be illegal! They are far too good!

  6. Thank you for the recipe! It was on my list to make a "dessert" today and I was going to make peanut butter cookies but now I'll be making shortbread! Love your blog...and those children of yours are just precious!
    Oh! I did make your crocheted "stars" but hadn't crocheted in awhile so my first one looked more like a flower but I'm getting better! LOL!

  7. Pardon my ignorance , but 170 C is equal to what??? Spoiled American not on same system.


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