Saturday, March 24, 2012

Right Now....

right now I'm.......
white rose
...enjoying the smell of freshly picked roses on the window sill in my bedroom....
school 1
.....marveling at my girl as she embraces school life from home....
.....flipping through patterns in search of inspiration of the stripey kind - a special baby is due very, very soon... 
feta on Hungarian peppers, fresh from my garden, cut into stripes and roasted - these are divine when rolled up with a little of this dip.... 
heathers 1 
......balling up some cascade 220 from my shop to start a Winter blanket for my littlest girl, Miss Millie.....

.....and lastly, enjoying a strongly brewed pot of tea as I type this post - just the right medicine after a hectic kind of day.....

What are you doing right now????


  1. Right now I am reading your blog Jodie...and cleaning up after Sheppard's pie for dinner! Good to hear your daughter is embracing school at home. Love your photos :)

  2. Enjoying a k-cup of Nantucket coffee on a lazy Saturday morning. Love your blog.

  3. Drinking tea and waiting for annie flowergarden to pick me up and go to a quilt show.

  4. Hi Jodie! I got so far behind in catching up with blogs....sorry I haven't been on yours in a bit. It's Spring here and a busy, know. It doubles my workload because it's just me, myself and I and I can't seem to get "the girls" (my 2 dogs) to help out other than guard me against rabbits and "bad birds"! LOL!
    Your photos are stunning and your header is precious with you and your girls. I hav to go catch up with you and all I've missed!

  5. Ive just finished helping son no 5 get his science assignment ready to give to his teacher,Ive cooked a biccie barrel full of like named,spun half a bobbin of SCF corrie and now about cook dinner and iron school/work clothes,work at 5.30 in the morn....

  6. Right now I am catching up on blogs I love and seeing what everyone else has been up to. It is now Spring here and a bit on the chilly side since last week when we had such unseasonably warmer temperatures that broke records. I found it unbearable to handle yarn in such heat and decided to put my unfinished hex blanket up for the summer and pullout the sewing machine. Instead I found a sweet little newborn knit hat and grabbed my knitting needles (the pattern link is posted on my blog if you're interested).
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  7. Tea hits the spot every time doesn't it, I love my Earl Grey! I am crocheting a baby blanket in the most lovely wool/cashmere blend for my SIL who is due in July. It is so soft and scrummy to work with, such a delight to watch the rows slowly grow. I noticed the playdough is getting well used, I have a brilliant recipe for microwave playdough that lasts months in the fridge if you are interested. My friend runs childcare centers and she passed it onto me when I was doing family day care. Love those colours you picked out and you can't go wrong with cascade 220! :-)

  8. I'm impressed Jodie that your daughter can make cookies herself at such a young age. Wait are those cookies? I think I may be wrong here.


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