Thursday, June 7, 2012

Living Life....

I'm so happy to report that the morning sickness has finally pasted... HOORAY!!!!!!

These days I just can't seem to get enough of the cheeky little antics of my sweet little Miss
millie 1
This age, 3-4, is just so special - independence starts to grow and exploring becomes that little more adventurous.... 
millie 2
I love watching her 'living life' - it makes my heart simply melt...
millie 3
My favourite yarn at the moment would definitely have to be the gorgeous, squishy, Malabrigo Rios... For this hat I used the Ravelry Red shade and worked on this great free crochet beret pattern.... 
ravelry red
Some other yarn I'm loving at the moment is this 100% Merino Sock weight yarn by Skein.... Hand-dyed in Armidale in the most divine shades....
Industrial Age
Industrial Age and
Beach Shack
Beach Shack....

Also, fresh from the garden tonight I'm cooking up an arm full of Coloured Chard and adding it to the top of an oven baked Spaghetti Bolagnese along with some crumbly home-made Feta.... Yum-O!!!
What are you harvesting and eating at the moment???


  1. wonderful news your feeling better.....can't believe the girls are growing up so fast........

  2. So happy when you popped up in my reader Jodie, and glad to hear that you are feeling better.
    just like chooky I cannot believe how quickly those girls are growing....I suddenly feel very old.

  3. Hello again Jodie :) So happy to see your post pop up tonight! Millie is adorable, and there is that beautiful wool again. Your dinner sounds incredible...are you making cheese? Do tell! I am still picking beans, capsicums, snow peas & chinese cabbage although the whole garden was very frosty this morning which might sort a few things out!?

  4. She is such a cutie patootie, what a great pic with her wrinkled up little nose...sigh I think my pregnancy hormones have kicked in again xx

  5. Hi Jodie, noticed in my side bar that you had posted and I thought "how come I'm not getting the notifications?" For some reason occasionally I find myself kicked off or rather blogs randomly kicked off my reading list! Grrr. I've missed so many posts and lots of lovely wool pics. Glad I didn't miss the really good news of the new family member though. Really wonderful and all the best to you

  6. Hi Jodie. I haven't stopped by for ages. great to hear you are feeling well. Miss Millie is a such a cutie. happy weekend. Jane x

  7. So glad to hear you are feeling better.
    I'm currently knitting with Malabrigo Rios too (bought from you!!) and it's divine. I'm torn between Madelinetosh and Malabrigo as my favourite yarns - luckily I can knit with both!!

  8. Glad you're feeling better. I didn't plant a garden this year as I had major landscaping to do. I do have my first batch of rhubarb though and I've made some yummy things with it.
    I love the Malibrigo, I'm going to have to try it. Your things you've made with it are gorgeous.
    Glad to see you back.

  9. Good to see you and glad you are feeling more like your old self. Aren't those sock yarns the most divine colours....going to have to check them out now! Your girls are growing up fast.

  10. Hello Hello... Love that red beanie - and love that you are having another baby!! Congratulations, m'dear!
    xx Amy

  11. Glad to hear you are feeling better now and get enjoy the rest of your pregnancy. Love the photos of Miss Millie and your gorgeous beanie :)

  12. Good you know that you are feeling better! And your daughter--so so cute.


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