Valentine's Day....

I love having a computer at my finger tips... Even though at times there's NO Internet connection (and there's too many of them these days to start whinging about now) I'm still able to edit and print out cute and funky things for my girls when the need arises...
So this Valentine's day we found some super cute kidd-y craft ideas via Pinterest (don't you just love that site??!!!), downloaded some printables to our computer and set to crafting....
First we grabbed a few scraps of felt, variegated thread, and some cute paper clips and with 1hr of crafting time my 6 yr old had whipped up some 'heart' themed book marks for those special friends in her life (check out my Valentine's Day board on Pinterest for the tutorial)...
And just because we had a few glow stick bracelets floating around in our craft cupboard we made half a dozen of these up too (idea also found on Pinterest)...
Happy (belated) Valentine's Day Everyone!!!
Here's hoping your day was filled to the brim with LOVE!!!!!!


  1. Pinterest is the best site ever for just about anything you can think of. I was turned onto it well over a year ago and found that time goes so very quickly when you are just ambling along and enjoying the sites. Love it and love your little crafty ideas for the girls.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)


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